2 People Yoga Poses | Couple Yoga Poses

2 People Yoga Poses2 People Yoga Poses

Most yoga poses need your partner so 2 people yoga poses or couple yoga poses is the best option for 2 people.

Yoga is a very important thing to keep our mind quiet and gives us a healthy lifestyle.

First of all, you should know about yoga.

Yoga keeps our motivation. What you achieve in your life. Kindly if you do this daily base of 2 people yoga poses thereafter. You can see many types of change in your life and your lifestyle and many types of change you will see.

First time if you want the 1 – 2 days you can fit your body that you cannot do this Because yoga should be a daily base routine. Best of 2 people yoga posture.

In starting days you will fill better in yoga poses but you are to do this daily basis.

In this or couple yoga poses gives us very easy and give us energetic life but do this yoga poses together you have to build trust, Because if you have not to trust, you mistake many types in the case you can damage your body.

Types Of 2 People Yoga Poses

  1. Partner forward fold :-

How to do it: First sit opposite your partner and turn same which touch your hand from partner keep and same your partner do it. And slowly you exchange your position.


  • Improve your digestion
  • Sharp your brain
  • Relive stress and mind depression soothes headache
  • Reduces fatigue
  1. Seated cat cow:

How to do it: First you one your partner sit at a 90-degree angle in the opposite site and touch your back from one another seated cat-cow is a very easy yoga pose for us and our body.


  • This yoga poses stretches the muscles at the hip.
  • It’s relieves lower back pain.
  • This poses expands chest expands lungs.

  1. Twin tress:

How to do it: First you stand up at a 180-degree angle and fold your left leg from your knee and your partner does the same position then go on your hand with your partner in the same position.


  • Tree poses grow your thighs and shoulders.
  • It’s grow your abdominal muscles.
  • It’s build strength ankles.
  1. Chair pose twist :-

How to do it: First you sit in a chair with your partner and attached your hand with your partner with fold your hand as shown in the picture. There are also easy yoga poses.


  • This yoga low your back.
  • Increase flexibility throughout the spine.
  • Strong your digestive organs.
  • Helpful improve your balance.
  1. Temple pose :-

How to do it: First you and your partner stand up face to face and bend forward your hand in upper sided and touch them then exhale into fan poses.


  • Temple yoga poses give up sharp your back.
  • Strong your immune system.
  • Balance your body.
  1. Double downward dog :-

How to do it: You stand straight and bend forward 45-degree angle with your hand and your partner does this in the same position which touches your hand finger and exhales slowly.


  • Tones the waist and core.
  • Strengths your arms and shoulder.
  • Blood blow to the brain.
  • Strengthens the back.
  1. Partner plank:
Young fitness couple working out in gym together, fitness training concept

How to do It: First of all, you lie straight and at a 30-degree angle, you are up with your hands like you do push-ups. And place your partner at a 30-degree angle on your just opposite side as shown in the picture. And slowly you kept releasing your breath.


  • Strong your soldiers.
  • Fit your body
  • BP control
  • You Improve your posture
  • You improve your metabolism
  • Get rid of back pain
  • Your mood will improve
  • You improve your flexibility
  • You feel better coordinated

  1. Buddy boat:

How to do It:- First of all, sit at a 45-degree angle with your hips.
And tell your partner to sit and hold each other’s hands as shown in the picture. And you slowly take your breath away.


  • improve your posture.
  • Strong the thigh
  • Increase your mind
  • Strong your arms
  • Quick fat loss

  1. Double plank:

How to do It: With the help of your stomach, you will be able to lie at your 45-degree angle And keep your partner on the opposite side. As shown in the picture.


  • Quick fat loss
  • Improve posture
  • strong arms
  • Weight loss

  1. Square pose:
Two young women doing yoga asana buddy boat pose. Paripurna Navasana

  1. Extended for ward leg pose:

  1. Warrior 3:

  1. Chair and shoulder stand:

  1. Forward fold:

  1. Supported pack:

  1. Downward dog:

  1. Wheel:

  1. Flying  bow:

  1. Flying bard:

  1. Flying superman:

  1. Flying handstand scorpion:

Benefits Of Yoga Poses

There are many types of 2 people yoga poses.

You take in Couple Yoga Poses is very enjoy full and fun and you will not fell tired.

Benefits Of Couple Yoga Poses

  • Increase your power to fight diseases
  • Your skin always shine
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Increases your blood flow
  • Increase self-confident
  • Builds muscle strength