Advantage And Disadvantage Of Egg

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Egg

Today’s topic is egg topic which today Advantage And Disadvantage Of Egg. Because Everything has its advantage and disadvantage.

Advantage of egg

  • Eggs makes our bone healthy.
  • It also fight with cancer.
  • Egg has more protein which take care of our hair.
  • It also course of hair growth and healthy hair.
  • Eggs has vitamin ‘B’ complex, (B-12,B-5 & B-2)which helps in skin tone by preventing hyper pigmentation.
  • It also helps to keep soft smooth and healthy skin.
  • It helps to keep deeply hydrating skin absorbing moisture from the air.
  • Egg helps to kill anemia in silent way.
  • It takes away from rickets.
  • Egg can fight with many allergies.
  • Egg has vitamin, high cholesterol and high protein which helps to boost our brain.

Disadvantage of egg

  • It may causes of heart attack when we do not take it in the correct balance.
  • Excessive egg consumption also affects the liver.
  • We know that an egg contains 373 gram cholesterol , 13 gram protein and more vitamins which also causes obesity in the body.
  • Cholesterol also increases in our body due to high intake of eggs, so that blood clothing, heart attack and liver problems are started.
  • It you consume more eggs everyday than a normal requirement , then it also creates food-borne problems for us.
  • Poor egg or excessive egg consumption also causes Diarrhea.
  • Many times it happens that eating eggs also causes fever, which is due to eating bad eggs or in large quantities.
  • Many people also have problems with flatulence due to the consumption of eggs.
  • Many people also have problems  with nausea.
  • Eggs also reason of lack of muscle tone and muscles pain.
  • The yellow part of the egg should never be eaten, it course kidney disease.
  • It would be good if you do not consume raw egg. Because it contains a protein called Avoid which kills the biotin present in our body.

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