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Benefits Of Keto Diet For Weight Loss

The goal is to get more calories from fat than carbohydrates. So now let’s talk about the Benefits Of Keto Diet For Weight Loss.

Taking a keto diet plan, a plan diet focuses on food that provides plenty of healthy fats, adequate protein and very few carbohydrates.

  1. It helps you lose weight.
  2. It reduces your appetite enhancing hormone.
  3. Reduces the problem of acne in many people.
  4. Also reduce the risk of some cancers.
  5. Also reduce disease like heart attack.
  6. This diet is also helpful in keeping your brain and nerve cells strong and protected.
  7. Keto diet can help a person to prevent or manage condition like Alzheimer’s disease.
  8. This diet plan can also reduce your possible seizure like epilepsy.
  9. Decreased symptoms like polycystic ovary syndrome. (POS)
  10. Insulin fasting levels remain correct.
  11. Hormone balance also remains.

Keto Diet Side Effects Long-Term

Excess of anything can be harmful to us, and in the same way it can also have keto diet side effects long-term.

The best effects of keto diet is as much as the side effects of keto diet. By now you have learned about the benefits of keto diet, now will we know about same of its side-effects long term.

  1. Heart Disease :- A keto diet can cause weight loss, but for a short time, but during the keto diet, many such things are consumed. Which can have a bad effect on the heart?
  1. Performance reduction :- If you live on a keto diet, then you get reduced in every kind of performance, in fact, when the body is in ketosis, the body starts staying in a more acidic state, which reduces the ability to perform at peak levels.
  1. Reduced muscle mass :- Along with losing weight quickly with keto diet, your muscles also suffer a lot of damage. This causes fat burning as well as burning of muscles mass.
  1. Regained weight :- If you follow the keto diet for a long term and soon after that you return to your previous diet, then it also cause you to regained weight.

Risk Factor Of Ketogenic Diet Or Keto Diet

If you take Keto Diet for a long term then there are many risks which are as follows.

  1. You may be at risk of appendicitis.
  2. Risk of excess protein in your blood.
  3. There may be a deficiency of minerals and vitamins.
  4. Risk of collecting fat in liver.

Taking a keto diet for a long term can cause it side effect (also called ketoflu)

  1. Stay tried
  2. Have a low tolerance for exercise.
  3. Have a headache.
  4. Nausea
  5. Vomiting
  6. Get constipated
  7. Low blood sugar.

Who Should Avoid The Keto Diet ?

  1. People with diabetes who are insulin dependent.
  2. People who have food disorders
  3. Those who have kindly disease.
  4. Women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

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