Who Is The Best Diet Drinks for Diabetics?

Some of the drinks and fast foods contain two types of dangerous fat, saturated fat and trans-fat. Many packaged food and cold drinks contain both of these fats. So, choosing the Best Diet Drinks for Diabetics is very much necessary. Suitable drinks for diabetic patients will help them getting cured very quickly and also keep them healthy.

Diabetes or type-2 diabetes is very much popular among the people of the U.S. It can happen to any gender and at any age, especially people above age 40. Some of the common symptoms of type-2 diabetes are numbness or tingling of hands or legs or fingers, the excessive urge of urination, rapid weight loss, increase in appetite due to weight loss, eye impairment and blurry vision, rough and dry skin, extremely thirsty, slow healing bruises or cuts, and many other symptoms.

An improper diet causes diabetes. Consuming foods and drinks rich in carbohydrates is very much harmful to anyone. Diabetes mainly affects the usage of blood sugar in your body. Diabetes will cause excess sugar in your blood which will then cause different health problems. So, avoiding sugary foods and drinks will decrease the risk of getting the last stage of diabetes. Sometimes being overweight can become another reason for getting diabetes.

Some Of The Best Best Diet Drinks for Diabetics

Water: Drinking water other than sugary cold drinks will help in controlling the blood sugar level and insulin in your body. Sticking with water helps you to control yourself from drinking beverages with sugar, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients. When your body doesn’t get enough water, the vasopressin level rises. So always we should drink a sufficient amount of water.

Increased vasopressin level prompts the kidney to hold onto water and simultaneously the hormones push the liver to produce more blood sugar. Sometimes you may find the taste of the water bland and end up drinking sugar-sweetened beverages. To avoid this situation, you can always add juices of citrus fruits to your water while drinking. Lemon, cranberry juice, detox water, etc. is very much beneficial. 

Tea And Coffee: By tea and coffee, it doesn’t mean you have to drink barista coffees containing flavored creamers and syrups. Besides, tea offers you a range of choices. Other than helping with diabetes, tea and coffee have other benefits also. It protects you from inflammation and carcinogens. For this reason, tea and coffee are the Best Diet Drinks For Diabetics. Green tea helps with weight and also lowers the risk of heart diseases.

Black tea or black coffee significantly reduces blood glucose levels in healthy and pre-diabetic adults. Some of the best teas which will help you with diabetes are chamomile tea, cinnamon tea, turmeric tea, lemon balm tea, green tea, black coffee or tea, gingered tea, hibiscus tea, rooibos tea, peppermint tea, and herbal tea. Also, avoid sweetening your tea or coffee with sugar or honey to enhance the flavor.

Milk: High protein milk is very much beneficial if you drink it early in the morning. It helps in reducing the blood glucose level of your body. Cow’s milk is very much important as it does not contain carbohydrates. Some of the other kinds of milk are soy milk, flax milk, rice milk, and almond milk. But if you see any of this milk containing added sugar, you must avoid it. Some of the factors you should keep in mind while taking milk are overall calorie intake, consumption of other beverages, distribution of saturated and trans-fat intake.

Fruit Juice: Unsweetened fruit juices contain a huge number of natural sugars. You can also try diet-flavor juices like cran-mango juice and cran-pineapple juice. Some of the low-carb juices are Diet V8 splash or V8 vegetable juice. They are very much delicious and have 10 calories and 2 grams of carbs in them. Pure fruit juices are appropriate for diabetics.

But always try to consume these types of juices in a very small amount. Drinking fruit juice alone may act opposite in your body. If you consume fruit juice with other protein foods, it will be healthy as well as beneficial. Always try to avoid fruit juice that contains sugar or any unneeded ingredients. 

Diet Soda: Low-calorie and diet sodas are a great alternative to sugary drinks. Carbonated beverages contain 99 percent water, and when you check the nutrition chart, you should see less than 5 to 10 calories and less than 1 gram of carbohydrates per serving. It contains carbohydrates that are much lesser than regular sodas. Diet soda helps in fulfilling your sugar cravings without a sugar overload. By intaking diet soda, you are consuming fewer calories. This helps in losing weight also. But drinking diet soda continuously for a long period will result in weight gain.

Tomato Juice: Tomatoes help in reducing blood pressure in people who have diabetes. Tomato juices are one of the Best Diet Drinks For Diabetics. It contains the benefits and goodness of cucumber, mint, and curd. It has a low-calorie content. Other than making juice out of it, you can also eat tomato as a salad. A glass of pure tomato juice includes vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, K, potassium, and iron.

Other than managing blood pressure, tomato juice will help you in losing weight. To make a quick and easy tomato-cucumber juice all you need is tomatoes, cucumber, garlic, curd, mint, rock salt, and sweetener according to your preference. Now blend garlic, cucumber, and tomatoes and mix it with curd. Pour the mixture into the glass and add mint leaves or ice cubes. Drinking tomato juice regularly will help with type-2 diabetes.  

Seltzer: Seltzer water is a good carbonated alternative to other carbonated beverages, such as sodas. Like ordinary water, seltzer water is free of calories, carbohydrates, and sugar. Carbonated water is a great way to stay hydrated and maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Carbonated water is much healthier than diet or regular soda, alcohol drinks, and also coffee.

The main reason for it being one of the best diet drinks for diabetes is that it contains nothing but Co2 and water. It contains no sugar and sometimes it can be more beneficial than fruit juices. You can always have sparkling water if you crave something bubbly. You can also try to infuse it with citric fruits for better flavor. 


People with diabetes must avoid drinks like alcohol, energy drinks, fruit cocktails, sugar-sweetened soda, and many more. Best Diet Drinks For Diabetics include more than fruit juice, water, or diet soda. To control your sugar level, try to consume a diet that manages the carbohydrate in your body. Intake enough carbohydrates to enable brain and body function. Check your blood sugar level daily and always consult a doctor before consuming any food or drinks. 


Which boost drink is best for diabetics?

Boost glucose control is the best drink for diabetics. It contains a unique blend of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. These ingredients help in managing the glucose level of your body. They are available in various flavors like vanilla, rich chocolate, and creamy strawberry flavor. 

What is the best protein drink for a diabetic?

The best diet drink for diabetics which is also rich in protein is Whey protein. It has many flavors and is also very much beneficial for people with diabetes. Whey protein stimulates insulin secretion in diabetics and therefore plays a key role in regulating blood sugar levels. Some of the other protein-rich drinks are peanut butter and a jelly protein shake, rice protein shake, French toast protein shake, apple cinnamon soy protein shakes, and high protein chocolate smoothie. View protein water is a sugar-free hydrating protein drink. It is specially made for extremely busy people. Best protein shakes for diabetics are the ones which have very ow carbohydrates. 

What are the good diabetic snacks?

Some of the best diabetes-friendly snacks are as follows:
1. Fresh fruits with some lean protein. Lean proteins like cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and nuts.
Stovetop popcorn with some fresh spices. 
2. Smoothies made of Greek yogurt and choice of your fruit. Some of the fruits are berries, mangoes or pineapple goes best with it. 
3. Guacamole spread made of chopped bell pepper, cucumber, zucchini, and carrots. 
4. Hard-boiled eggs. A single egg contains almost 7 grams of protein thus it won’t spike your blood sugar level. 
5. Hummus dip made of chickpeas. Add some garlic, sesame seeds, a dash of salt and pepper, and a squeeze of lemon. 
6. Almonds and other nuts. 

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