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Best Potato Salad

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Best Potato Salad


Many types of salad are available in our life whose we eat in this one of these the best potato salad.

Potato salad is the best salad in our part of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Because potatoe salad full fill all nutrition whose needs our body because potato is the king of vegetables.

  • It has :-
    • 87 calories
    • 0.1 gram fat
    • 1.8 gram fiber
    • 0.9 gram sugar
    • 20.1 gram carbs
    • 1.9 gram protein
    • 77% water
  • Potato is very testy also eating but this is very helpful our body.
  • If 2-3 boiled potatoes with rind is equal to dinner.

Potato Salad Recipe   :-

Potato Salad Recipe is very fas easy for cooking.

  • 6 middle types potatoes
  • 1 spring onion
  • 1\2 red cutting onion
  • 3 spoon curd
  • 2 big spoon prepared mustard
  • 2 big spoon lamon juice
  • 2 big spoon oily oil
  • 50 gram fresh mint.
  • Salt as your wish
  • Black pepper powder as your wish
  • coriander as your wish
  • Now we start made best potato salad in the world..
  • First of all wash the potato and boiled it’s and 2nd pan boiled the egg.
  • Benefits of boiled potato is all starch distroied when your fried and baked potatoes their all nutritional value are distroied.

That’s second reason is whose i boiled potato. So I recommended boil potatoes.

  • When all potatoes boiled cut them eight part each of them with rind.
  • Then chopped yellow, green and red capsicum in small pieces because easy in eat .
  • Then we copped spring onion.
  • In a pen you keep. 1 spoon olive oil, 2 spoon vinegar, 1 spoon mustard paste  if you and your body not want to eat spicy in case avoid this. Then keep 1 spoon honey, 2-3 crushed walnuts then mixed it because all of gradients mixed all other.
  • Then take take that pan whose you kept potato and all types of capsicum and mixed them good way.
  • Potato salad is then testy when mixed all gradient very well. So mixed it.
  • When you boiled potato then pour them salt little bit because potato soft.
  • Then pour salt are black paper powder.
  • Cut this chicken mixed them keep 3 number of black olives because these are very healthy and many types of nutrition.

There after ready our Best Potato Salad. Now Its ready for eat.

The another way of make best potato salad

Benefits Of Potato Salad

  • Potato has many types of nutrition .
  • Mainly potatoes are composed of crabs
  • It’s not high fiber but this is source of fiber so we can eat regularly because this digest our food who we eat.
  • When regular base eat potato then this loss our weight.
  • It’s has little bit protein whose we tell you up.
  • Main types of vitamin and minerals provided this whose full fill our nutritions as  vitamin C, Vitamin B, Potassium, folate.

Health benefits of The Best potato salad

  • Potato salad control our blood pressure and control heart deasies because it’s minerals help us to low blood pressure. Eating Potato is generally healthy and salad. It.s grow skin and control our weight loss.

5.   Benefits of Best Potatoes Salad :-

  • Green potatoes are very poisionfull and his fruit and leafe are also poisionfull . It’s solanin charconin and arsenics are alsod dangerous for our body
  • If you are very thin then you must eat potato because potatoes has many carbohydrate whose help us of fat out body.
  • It’s is very easy for digestion. It’s gives power of human body.
  • Vitamin C and vitamin  B  complex are also available an potassium and magnesium or phosphorus are also available in potatoes.
  • If you want then. In boiled potato mixed 1 spoon hony you lape on your face because It’s glow our face shine. It’s destroyed blotch and daub from our face.
  • External body lump. It you laped sour potato it releal us very fast.
  • Potatoes should not serve the sugar patient because potato have many starch. So very denger for sugar paitent.
  • Vitamin C helps as antioxidant and clean our skin.

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