Best Vegan Diet In 2020

Most of people confused that all vegetarian foods are vegan . Best Vegan Diet some foods are vegetarian but some vegetarian foods are not vegan food.

When vegan food you consumed is called veganism.They Don’t know Power of vegan.

Which people who know this food they transferred vegan food from vegetarian food.

Most of people think about veganism and vegetarian diet are same but this is not truth.

In both diet many types of diet you do not use Non vegetarian food.When you go vegan diet left whose products as animal food and cloths.

Which food who provided plants as vegetable is called vegan food but whose food is produced from animals. As – milk, egg these are not vegan food, these are vegetarian food.

First of all in vegan diet which products whose produced from animal are not vegan food or vegan diet.

In this case of plants and fruit whose produced plants are veganism.

If you want Loss Weight this is simple way for increase your body as like you fit your body from 2 people yoga poses.

If you want to start vegan food diet plan then in this time you have not to used some foods.

Which food whose produced compost and fertilizer are not in vegan food.

Some vegetarian people eat as egg but in this diet you can’t eat egg.

You Can Eat in vegan diet in Veganism


It produced high power mixture of protein, iron such as meat, fish and egg. It is source of fiber and minimum carbs, iron, folate, manages, zinc antioxidants. Legumes has good amount of anti nutrients.

Vegetables :-

The leafy greens as choy spinach, kale, watercress and mustard greens are the most popular leafy vegetable whose this is most nutrients provided.In many cases turnip greens and broccoli is good options. In vegan diet all types of protein vitamin and minerals should be non-animal products.

Fruit :-

Orange, berries grapes in fruits apple and papaya most nutrients provided. We can use this in this food.

Banana is slightly in calories but best to be eaten empty stomach for weight loss.

Fig :-

Source of calcium black diet peas. Soya milk and nut milk is useful for vegan diet.

Vitamin D and Vitamin K :-

This is very useful for bones. Soya fruits and some vegetable are provided this. You can eat healthy breakfast

You can not eat in Veganism:-

  • Meat
  • Dairy products (milk, paneer, cheese, curd yogurt
  • Pizza, Ice cream, Ghee
  • Egg
  • Honey

Veganism Benefits

From vegan diets on our health produced positive energy.

  • In vegan food many types of fiber, vitamin c and calcium.
  • It saved us many types of cancers.
  • It’s helps to bone Health.
  • You can Weight Loss fastly.

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