Breast Cancer During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman has to take care of her health as well as the health of the embryos of the womb. Because during pregnancy, there are many common conditions, which proves fatal for pregnant women. Similarly, breast cancer in pregnancy is also a serious problem.

But, the risk of cancer during pregnancy is only 1 in every 1000 women.

However, breast cancer risk is the highest seen in pregnancy among all types of cancer. Statistics say that one out of every 3000 women suffering from cancer during pregnancy is breast cancer.

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer In Pregnancy

Generally, we are that during the pregnant stage there is some change in the breasts such as enlargement or change of color in the breasts.

Similarly, there is a change in pregnancy in the case of breast cancer.

If you have any doubt about these changes, see your doctor immediately. These changes may also cause some of these problems.

  • Rapid change in pregnant lady boobs.
  • Breast hardening.
  • Color change of breast.
  • Feelings of lumps.
  • Lump on toughing in the armpit and breast.
  • Bleeding from the nipple.
  • Swelling and pain on breast.
  • Nipple or Areola of breast skin crust.

If you are pregnant and feel some above problem in the breast. First of all, you should meet your doctor immediately.

In addition, there may be different symptoms of breast cancer in pregnancy for this, you have to look at the changes in your breasts at the time of pregnancy, by pressing or touching the breast daily. What are you not feeling like a lump in your breasts?

Because the cancerous nodes in the breasts grow very fast.

Cause Of Breast Cancer In Pregnancy

There can be many reasons for breast cancer during pregnancy.


  1. If someone in the pregnant women’s family has had cancer before.
  2. It also depends on the lifestyle of a woman. Because if a woman consume alcohol, tobacco, or any such substance or there is such an environment around her, cancer is a possible candidate.
  3. Hormones are also a cause of breast cancer in pregnancy.

a. During pregnancy, hormones such as estrogen and progesterone increase which is known that it helps the cancer cells to grow.

b. When the reproductive organs of the fetus in the womb develop, the hormone that works at that time can also cause of breast cancer.

  1. Breast cancer can also occur due to genetic tendency in some women.
  2. There withal, if a woman wants to become pregnant after the age of 30, then there is a possibility of breast cancer.
  3. If a woman shows some signs of cancer in her breasts before pregnancy, such as forming a lump, changing the color of the breasts can so on. Then, the probability of breast cancer increases in that woman.

Test And Treatment Of Breast Cancer In Pregnancy

To diagnose breast cancer in pregnancy, first of all, the doctor can give you instructions to do some important tests.

But these recommendations will depend on a few things.


  • Size of the tumor
  • Your personal preferences
  • Your overall health
  • If the cancer has spread and, if so how far
  • Where is the tumor located
  • How long is your pregnancy

Test :-

First of all, doctors suggested doing some tests.

  1. Biopsy:- During the biopsy a sample of the lump tissue formed in the breast is taken which is examined to determine whether it is due to cancer cells or in normal.

A biopsy is done in two ways.

a. In the first case, the skin inside the breast is sampled through a surgical incision.

b. In the second case, the skin of the breast is sampled through a needle. During the biopsy, the surrounding organs are numb with the help of anesthesia which causes the woman not to feel pain. The procedure of biopsy is painless.   

  1. Mammogram :- This test is used to detect breast cancer in pregnancy. It can be found out how effective chemotherapy will be.
  2. Ultrasound:- Ultrasound is used to detect breast cancer in pregnancy. Ultrasound captures the inside of the breast and detects the lump that from inside.


  1. Surgery:- With help to surgery, surgeons remove the lump of cancer or cancerous lump and some healthy tissue around it. But during this surgery, there is a possibility of some compilations in the unborn child. But still doctors believe that this progress can be done successfully in any month of pregnancy.
  2. Chemotherapy:- With the help of medicine/drugs in chemotherapy, cancer cells are eliminated. But the doctors recommended chemotherapy keeping in mind. The pregnancy period of the woman. Chemotherapy is not recommended in the third month and 35th week second trimester of pregnancy, because it hinders the development of the fetus.

 If you know more information about chemotherapy click here.

  1.  Radiation therapy:- The procedure of radiation therapy can be done in event of breast cancer during pregnancy. In the producer the high dose of radiation used, that can harm the baby any time during pregnancy. In this process, miscarriage and mental & physical development of child is greatly affected. It also increases the risk of childhood cancer disease. That’s why doctors don’t usually do radiation therapy in pregnancy. 
  2. Hormone therapy :- In this process, cancer cells and some hormones whose that helping in growth on cancer cells can eliminate with the help of some drugs.
  3. Targeted therapy:- In this process, with the help of some targeted drugs, can treated of pregnant woman in breast cancer. But these medicines are given only when doctors ensure that it will not affect their fetus or unborn child.

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