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How many calories in an egg / Nutrition

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How many calories in an egg / Nutrition


Egg is versatile food but many always confused that how many calories in an egg. We can take egg in breakfast, lunch or dinner any time.

A report of (USDA) United State of Department of a large egg 72 cal.

An eggs calories depends on its size or variety.

In small size – low quantity

In medium size – medium quantity

In large size – large quantity.

Many people likes to eat egg because it’s has saturated quantity of Nutrition.

Some people eats because the build ups their body and six packs.

Egg nutrition value

Because of eggs hall all types of nutritions available.

  • Calories – 78 g
  • Protein – 6.28 g
  • Vitamin – 260 (I U)
  • Zink – 0.52 mg
  • Calcium 25 mg
  • Sugar – 0.53 g
  • Cholesterol – 18.5 mg
  • Fiber 0 g
  • Vitamin D – 44 (I U)
  • Carbohydrate – 0.55 g
  • Iron 0.58 g
  • Potassium – 62 mg
  • Phosphorous – 85 mg
  • Fat – 5.3 g
  • Folate – 22 micro gram

Egg Calories by size

Small egg (40g) –  55 calories

Medium egg (46 g) – 65 calories

Large egg (52 g) – 74 calories

Extra size egg (58 g) – 82 calories

Jumbo egg (65 g) – 90 calories

Here you can show that size wize calories there are not as exact number of size.

Some times calories are ups and some times down. Most of people likes egg without yolk.

Because some people not interested in yolk and some people have working knowledge.

Yolk has apporx 186 mili grams of cholesterol.

Which defected our heart and diffected our mussals. This is unhealthy for health.

If you want to weight loss or weight loss diet so you should not eat yolk. You should eat egg without yolk.

If you eat 4 whole eggs with yolk you eat

  • 28 g protein
  • 312 g calories
  • 2 g carbs
  • 21 g fats

If you eat 8 eggs white without yolk then you eat

  • 28 g protein
  • 137 g calories
  • 0 G fat
  • 2 g carbs

You can think about that in yolk has very dangerous for our health our weight loss

A whole egg has high quantity of amino acids whose support in from build your body.

an egg boiled Calories :-

Egg has mainly source of protein so we can eat for health in pointed egg.

Egg Without YolkEgg With Yolk
Calories16 g71 g
Protein4 g 6 g
Fat0 g 5 g
Cholesterol0 g 211 mg

boiled Egg chart you can see this that how many calories and nutrition in a boiled egg.

An egg hard boiled Calories

In hard boiled egg has

  • 78 calories
  • 5.3 g   total fat
  • 186 mg   cholesterol
  • 6.3 g protein

This nutriotion are available on it’s size.

As you show this is a large egg boiled calories


Fried egg Nutrition :-
  • 90 g calories
  • 7 g total fat
  • 210 mg cholesterol
  • 6.3 g protein

As an egg size dependent.

F A Q:-

Question :- Are eggs goods for weight loss ?

 Ans :- For our weight loss egg in good but you will eat without yolk because yolk has many cholesterol

Whose increase our body fat. You can eat wight egg when you are weight loss diet or generally.

Question :- how many calories in a single egg ?

Ans :- in a single egg has 72 calories whose good for our health.

Question :- Is it okay to eat 3 eggs a day ?

Ans :- Yes, You can eat 3 EGGS A DAY. If you want to eat more than 3 eggs then it is not good for our body.

Question :- How many eggs can I eat a day ?

Ans :- I generally suggested you that you should eat 2 eggs a day. It’s your body will fit always and you will be happy.

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