How many carbs are in a banana ?

How many carbs are in a banana ?

Banana is one of the best fruit in the world but many people don’t know that how many carbs in a banana, calories in a banana.

All people know about banana whose is good for our healthy lifestyle, very useful for our body.

Banana can give our body boost up quickly.

A large size banana give us 31 grams .

It’s depend on size.

carbs in a banana

Extra small – ( 5-6 inches, 80 grams ) – 19 grams

Small – ( 6-7 inches, 100 grams ) — 23 grams

Medium – ( 8-9 inches, 119 grams ) – 27 grams

Large – ( 9-10 inches, 150 grams ) – 35 grams

Sliced – (1 cup, 150 grams ) – 34 grams

Mashed – ( 1 cup, 225 grams ) – 51 grams

In banana you can see this chart and you suggested yourself that need your body.

If you are a diabetes patient. You must know that how many amount of banana you should take.

Because carbohydrate increase blood sugar.

If blood sugar increase non debates then the body produced the insulin. Whose helps to strong our body.

A large has 14 grams of sugar or 6 grams of starch.

Unripe banana has very low quantity of but it’s digest easily.

Banana has 2 to 4 grams of fiber whose depends on their size it’s has 2-4 grams net carbs in a banana.

calories in a banana

It’s also depend on their size.

As a large size banana ahs approx 105 calories.

Extra small – ( 5-6 inches, 81 grams ) – 72 calories

Small – (6-7 inches, 90 grams ) – 90 calories

Medium 7-8 inches, 118 grams ) – 105 calorries

Large – ( 8-9 inches, 136 grams ) –121 calories

Extra large – ( 9-10 inches, 152 grams ) – 135 calories

Sliced – ( 1 cup, 150 grams ) – 134 calories

Mashed – ( 1 cup, 225 grams ) – 200 Calories

You can see this chart how many calories in a banana by chart whose helpful that,You can take that banana whose need calories.

Unripe banana :-

Banana is always known as carbs. Because this play he roal for healthy lifestyle.

Unripe banana has high amount of starch. Whose many starch is not good for our body.

In unripe banana has many starch more then yellow banana.

This starch work our body the from of fiber who meet us unripe banana  ( green banana ).


QUESTION :- Can you eat a banana on a low carbs diet?

ANS :- Banana has 27 grams. if you take a medium banana then you should not eat a banana on a low carbs diet.

QUESTION :- Are banana good carbs ?

ANS :- Yes, banana has good carbs because it has about 23% of carbs in the form of starch or sugar. So is very good for our health. Green banana has more starch from yellow banana.

QUESTION :- Will a banana knock me out of ketoisis ?

ANS :- If you take daily base banana then you will not need in life go on Keto Diet. Because whose you meet in Keto Diet banana is also provided us. Keto chili recipe is good for health nutrition.

QUESTION :- How many net carbs are in a banana ?

ANS :- In a banana 35 grams net carbs. It’s the best for our health, best for weight loss, belly fat.

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