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What Is The Cause Of High Cholesterol ?

What Is The Cause Of High Cholesterol

First of all We know about What Is The Cause Of High Cholesterol. There are many reasons of High Cholesterol.

Cholesterol is produced from your liver, but you also get cholesterol from cholesterol – rich food.

Eating too many foods that contain high amounts of fat can also increase your cholesterol leave.

According to height, being overweight and remaining inactive also causes High cholesterol.

It is your family history, that is someone in the family has already had a problem of high cholesterol, then you also have the possibility of having this problem.

High cholesterol

Cholesterol increase and decease can be dangerous in both cases. High cholesterol is very harmful for the body.

Cholesterol in our body should be less than or equal to 200 mg/dl High levels of cholesterol can also increase your risk of heart disease.

High cholesterol causes excessive amounts of fat to accumulate in your blood vessels. Eventually, these stoned fats make it difficult to get enough blood flow to your arteries.

And sometimes, the fat they accumulate suddenly breaks down and can cause a heart attack or stroke.

You can also get the problem of high cholesterol in your inheritance that is , it is also a genetic.

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What Is High Cholesterol Or What Is The Symptom Of High Cholesterol ?

There is no specific symptom of high cholesterol, when a person eats an excessive amount of fatty food and keeps himself dormant is, no exercise , then cholesterol starts increasing in his body.

But due to his cholesterol, there is some kind of inhibition in our body like,

  1. When there is high cholesterol starts accumulating in the arteries.
  2. Cholesterol begin to form a hard banded in your arteries that latter narrow your blood cell.
  3. This increased hard strip of cholesterol cause heart attack.
  4. And if this blockage of the artery is in the brain, than it cause a stroke.
  5. High cholesterol is not known until it is examined.
  6. It is detected through regular checkup and blood tests.

Diagnosis of high cholesterol

  • High cholesterol cannot be detected without any testing.
  • A simple blood can test can reveal your cholesterol level.
  • As a rule, your cholesterol level should be 200mg\all or less.
  • If your cholesterol is found to be higher then 200mg\all, you may have problem of high cholesterol.
  • If your above 35 years of age and you are male, then you should go for a cholesterol test.
  • And if you are a women and our age above 45 years, then you must also get cholesterol check.
  • If a woman or man is prone to heart disease even at the age of 20, then they need to get regular checkups.
  • If you have a strong family history of high cholesterol, the teenager cholesterol screening may also be required.
  • Ask your doctor how often you should have your cholesterol checkup.

Risk Factor Of High Cholesterol

  1. If you smoke then you be at risk of high cholesterol.
  2. Even if you are a patient of high blood pressure, you should avoid high cholesterol.
  3. If you can beyond the age of 35 (male) then you should get high cholesterol check.
  4. If you are beyond the age of 45 (female), you may still be at risk of high cholesterol.
  5. If any member of your family has had heart disease, you may also be risk of high cholesterol, so get yourself checked.
  6. If you are over weigh or abbess, it is possible to have high cholesterol.
  7. If you have a high cholesterol problem in your hands. If you make a small change in your lifestyle, it is very likely that you can avoid your high cholesterol.

Let us you now, know what kind of changes you can make in your lifestyle to avoid high cholesterol.

  1. By reducing your increased weight\ lose weight.
  2. Eating low fat food.
  3. By adding food like, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish etc. to your food.
  4. By exercising regularly.
  5. Quit smoking.
  6.  If you have a family history of high cholesterol, then by regular checkup.
  7. If there is a patient of heart disease in the family, then by checking yourself also you can avoid high cholesterol.

Prevention of high cholesterol

We can reduce or prevent high cholesterol, there can be no permanent care.

For this, we have to consider some special things.

  1. Avoid eating fatty foods.
  2. Do exercise daily.
  3. Avoid eating fried foods and packaged food like Trans fat.
  4. It food rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
  5.  Include healthy fat such as, red meat, mostly daily products. With eating less food.
  6. To increase your physical activity, you can also play some sports that keep you active.

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How To Control Your Drinking ?

How To Control Your Drinking

Nowadays it has become fashionable for people to drink but when you are drink more alcohol than necessary, you cannot ”control your drinking”.

But as long as you want to reduce it, alcohol becomes your habit and then you have to face a lot of trouble to reduce or quit it.

Drinking to much alcohol becomes harmful not only for you but in many way.

Excess alcohol consumption affects your body , it also affects your personality, work and family it is now in your hands to less or drink it under control.

Now a program for you “ 7 days to drink less” will help you reduces your drinking habit.

7 Days To Drink Less Review

Now you must be wondering how this program “7 days to drink less” will help you in reducing the drinking habit.

So first of all, tell us what will be given to you.

  1. In “7 days to drink less problem” you will have 7 proven step-by-step talks, which show you how to drink less.
  2. With this program you will given 5 powerful life changing audio download.
  3. With this program you will also get a drink less mind e-book that comes with 3 additional audio downloads
  4. With this program you will also get a 3 add-on programs selected from “Drink less mind aftercare program”
  5. And last with this program you will get a bonus for “anxiety reduction training” “Bonus audio download”

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Now you will learn about this program, how this program is for you only :-

  1. This program utilizes powerful neuro-plastic technology that will change your emotional connection with alcohol.
  2. This program reduces the habit of drinking from inside you through a unique Phychology training (called inner dialogue).
  3. This program will be completely private and can be used in the quiet environment of your home.
  4. This will not be an expansive therapy lesion.
  5. This program is such that you will not need any other advice.

Now Also Know What Will Be The Benefit Of This Program

  1. With this program, you reduce your drinking habit the fastest and easily and that too without any inking.
  2. “7 days to drink less”, According to its name, it given results quickly and is also effective and helps in disappearing the craving for drinking.
  3. It is 100% guaranteed that, in a week or more, your drinking habits will be reduced by 50%
  4. It starts working immediately, and the good news is that you don’t have to give up alcohol for this.
  5. You will become that happy healthier drinking that you will truly be free from all guilt and anxiety.
  6. “7 days to drink less” program will help you learn to drink less regularly and feel better about what you drink, when and why.
  7. Reduce your old drinking habit and start a new life without giving up alcohol.
  8. In this, you will also learn how to drink less without lying and will not even Fee guilty.
  9. This program is approved by thousands of leading doctors, scientists and health professionals.
  10. This program has 100% money back guarantee in 60 days

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Vegan Muscle Diet

Vegan Muscle Diet

Vegan Muscle Diet, there is a diet that is high in protein based on fruits, vegetables. and plants to make our body healthy and shapely.

It excludes all animal-based products from our food and usually has higher protein content than a traditional vegan diet

Vegan Muscle Diet Review

The vegan muscle diet is a meal plan prepared by Simon Black, In fact, Simon Black, despite going to the gym in his early days, had made some mistakes that could not prove to be good for his body.

Simon used to go to gym but could not see any effect of gym on his body, then he felt ashamed to take vegetarian diet. but when he started taking vegetarian diet, he found how much he is benefiting.

They removed non-vegetarian food from their food and then they found how beneficial a vegan diet was for their muscles. he found that food is not only to fill the stomach but also to make the body healthy and shapely, which every vegan food provides different nutritious elements.

For Healthy Brain you Can Use Smoothie Diet.

Simon realized through the diet of vegetarian muscles that diet are not created equal for everyone and that each diet is based on one’s own weight, height, activity level, foods and mistakes made with their body in the past are made for.

Simon devised the vegan muscle diet he had taken under a meal plan which is very beneficial for those who are unable to follow the vegan diet along with the gym or who believe that their body is eating only non-vegetarian food can only be good.

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Let us how know what this meal plan and vegan muscle diet is best for

If you are a vegetarian and go to the gym, want to build your muscles or just want to change your body composition then this meal plan or vegan muscle diet is for your
If you are trying to gain muscle or change your body composition to a vegetarian diet than this is for you.
If you want to make your body beautiful and healthy along with your nutritious and delicious food, then this is for you.

Benefits From Vegan Muscle Diet

  1. It makes your body shapely and healthy.
  2. If you are a vegetarian, you will not have to turn to eating any kind of non-vegetarian food. which most gym goers have to do.
  3. It also gives you a delicious and nutritious eating plan.
  4. This will be a 60 days, diet plan that will help you change your body shape.
  5. If you are following this Vegan Muscle Diet and then you do not see any effect then all your money will be returned without any question.
  6. In a way, you can say that this vegan diet gives a benefit to your body as well as full guarantee of money back that can be right for you in every case.

What To Do To Get Vegan Muscle Diet

  1. First click the link-for that and go to the website page.
  2. After going into it, answer some normal questions whether you are a woman or a man.
  3. After the questions related to you there, a shopping list will be prepared for you.
  4. After that you can download the shopping list.
  5. Now you can get your diet plan by doing “create my vegan muscle diet”.

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Custom Keto Diet – 8 Week Weight Loss Diet

Custom Keto Diet

A customized diet plan of the Custom Keto Diet that is designed keeping in mind your body, situation, goals and your taste and weight loss. You can call it keto Diet.

What Is Custom Keto Diet Plan ?

Custom keto diet is an 8 week diet plan, you can lose your weight and you can refresh your body. This is a very simple diet. Its cost is very low and you can buy the things used in your house.

This diet plan is specially designed for those who really want to be losing weight. Rachel Robert is not a very good scholar about keto diet, but he has work hard to write it. You have taken information for many people, then sought and are sending such a good plan to us.

Their diet plan is proved by doctors and dieticians and at the same time it is also very low cost as much is spent on the advice of any other dietician.

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Benefits Of Custom Keto Diet Plan

  • Weight Loss :- It reduces the store fat present in our body, which reduces the weight of our body.
  • Cholesterol :- Keto diet helps in improving the level of triglyceride present in our body and can also improve cholesterol level by considerable amount.
  • Pimples :- If you use keto diet continuously for 90 days, then all the pimples on your face disappear.
  • Blood Sugar :- This diets can diseases like LDL cholesterol and type-2 diabetes over time.

Side Effect Of Keto Diet

Researchers at health experts have also reported that following a keto diet for a long time can cause weight gain again. It is unfair to do this diet for 3-90 days.  

How Does The Custom Keto Diet Plan Help

  1. By going to the given link you will have some questions to answer about your current situation food preferences and goals. Answer these questions as accurately as possible, and make sure your email address in current so that you can get your meal plan.
  2. Once you complete the survey, your custom meal plan will be prepared for you and then you simply enter your payment details to get instant access to your custom made keto meal plan.
  3. Now you are ready to complete your diet.
  4. This custom keto diet plan is a plan designed for 8 weeks.
  5. This custom meal plan is risk free and a better way to judge for yourself. If you’re not satisfied, you will get all your money back.
  6. This meal plan is provided to you with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This diet plan is not meant for any people.

  • Who only waste all their free time to find the optimum diet and do not try to complete the plan that is being given.  
  • This diet plan is also not for those who feel that they already know what they need to do to build their dream body and are not ready to follow the instruction of any expert.
  • This diet plan is not for you even if you are not interested in using science-based diet strategies, and want to improve your body shape by imitating what others are doing.
  • This diet plan is for those who want to have a science-based, do for you plan you can reduce fat as well as make your every meal tasty and in the meantime you can also improve your health.

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