Centers for Disease Control And Prevention

Centers for Disease Control And Prevention is a federal system in the US, which comes under the department of health and human agency. It is abbreviated as CDC.

It is basically the national public health institute of the United States. Its headquarter is situated in Atlanta, Georgia. This agency was established on July 1, 1946, almost about 75 years ago. The annual budget of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is around 11.1 billion US$.

Rochelle Walensky is the director of CDC, and Anne Schuchat is the deputy director. The official website of CDC. The United States Department of Health and Human Service is the parent agency of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The main role of the Center for disease control and prevention is to control the spread of any kind of disease, infection, injury and maintain public health and welfare. It works on infectious diseases, their effects, how to control them, safety and precautions, environmental health, etc to protect citizens.

It also has many types of research about non-infectious diseases, their impact on the environment and society and provides other important information about the illness. It also issues guidelines, which are useful to the citizens. The new outbreak nowadays is the coronavirus. CDC is also working on it to control the spread of Covid-19.

Many CDC guidelines for Covid-19 have been issued on its official site, so that, people can know more about it. This article includes CDC new guidelines for COVID-19CDC infectious diseasesCDC covid vaccines, etc to give complete knowledge about COVID-19 and its safety measures. Read the article to know more about it in detail.

Centers for Disease Control And Prevention Guidelines

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a federal body in the US, which has been looking for public health and welfare from upcoming illnesses by monitoring all the necessary things for the disease. It looks after infectious and non-infectious diseases and their causing effects. It also shares the required information about the disease and also issues various CDC guidelines so that people must be safe from disease.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has helped the world with its researches and guidelines. Nowadays, the most common issue around the world is Covid-19. CDC is also working on it. It has given various notifications about the coronavirus.

All the notifications are shown on its official website. As responsible citizens, one should follow the given CDC Guidelines, so that everyone stays safe from this deadly virus. Read below to know about the important guidelines issued by CDC. 

CDC New Guidelines For COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued various guidelines in order to protect people from Covid-19. It is very important for people to follow these guidelines. Since Covid-19 is a communicable illness and it is spreading very swiftly and causing a lot of infection cases all around the world.

Here are some CDC New Guidelines for Covid-19, that you must keep in your mind to stay safe from this deadly virus. CDC guidelines include:

  • Wear your mask: Wearing a mask is a very mandatory thing in avoiding the spread of coronavirus. N95 respirators are recommended when you are in public places. You should continue to wear the mask, even if you are vaccinated. 
  • Stay 6 feet away: Social Distancing is also very essential. Staying away from people might help you in not getting the coronavirus from others. Since Covid is an airborne disease, so maintain some distance from people is effective in controlling the spread of COVID-19.
  • Get your vaccination done: To secure yourself from this COVID-19, you should also get yourself vaccinated. Vaccination is important in order to increase your immunity so that your body can fight against coronavirus if you get in contact with it.
  • Avoid crowded places: Covid-19 is an illness that spread from person to person. So, to decrease its spreading, one must avoid visiting crowded places. You are more likely to have Covid-19 when you are exposed to crowded areas. 
  • Cover yourself while cough and sneeze: The very common symptoms of Covid-19 are coughs, cold, fever. So, if you have any of the following signs, then, start taking precautions like stay away from people so that you don’t infect others. Cover yourself while you cough and sneeze. It is very important so that you are not part of spreading the virus. 
  • Check your health daily: Monitoring your health status is also important. You must have regular look at your health. You must see that you are not having any COVID-19 symptoms. In case, you are having any symptoms, go and have a Covid test done. 
  • Cleanliness: Cleanliness is a very important part of daily routine. If someone is infected from Covid-19, then, it is very important that all the touched surfaces must be cleaned properly. The surfaces must be cleaned by using soap or detergent. Cleanliness is also important to the people who are not infected. Surfaces, tables, chairs, handles, etc must be cleaned in order to maintain safety from Covid-19. 

CDC New Mask Guidelines

CDC has new guidelines in view of upcoming delta variants. It has issued the following guidelines for wearing the mask. The CDC New Mask Guidelines are summarized below:-

  • If you are not completely vaccinated, then, it is a must for you to wear the mask in public places, either it is indoor or outdoor. Try to be at some distance from people while going outside. Wearing a mask is compulsory for you in order to be safe from Covid-19.
  • For people who have other illnesses like diabetes or disease in which regular medication is needed, then, in that case, even if you are fully vaccinated, wear a mask and follow all the necessary precautions while being outside. There is more chance for having Covid even if you are vaccinated.
  • You also need to wear a mask when you are traveling by train, bus, plane, etc, no matter you are vaccinated or not. 

CDC Revokes PCR Test

On 25 July, a tweet was posted on the official site of the FDA which misprinted that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is likely to revoke PCR tests. It stated that the PCR test was unable to detect the difference between SARS-COV-2 and influenza.

It also tested positive for the person having influenza. This is the main reason for the revocation of the PCR Covid Test. It also stated that FDA is going to revoke its own PCR Covid Test. Curative has decided to take back the PCR test as it no longer needs EUA. 

CDC Covid Vaccine

Vaccines are used to reduce severe illness and hospitalization. It increases the immunity power so that a person’s body can fight the disease. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have suggested various vaccines that are effective in COVID-19. It guides that people must get their vaccination done as soon as possible.

People above age 12 are eligible for vaccines. There are different vaccines that are now available. Some names of vaccines that are authorized by the FDA Covid Test and CDC are Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Co-vaxin, Covishield, etc. You can avail any of them to get protected from the coronavirus. 


What is the main role of the CDC? 

Centers for disease control and prevention is an organization in the United States, that works for the welfare of public health. It monitors various diseases that are upcoming and might be dangerous for human society. It gives information regarding infectious and non-infectious diseases and issues various instructions so that people are safe from these illnesses.

What is CDC doing regarding vaccines? 

CDC has issued various guidelines for getting vaccinated. It has given instructions, what people must follow while the vaccination process. It has authorized many vaccines that people can get free of cost.

Do CDC guidelines are effective? 

Yes, these guidelines are made so that spread of the coronavirus is controlled. These guidelines are made in the view of public health and welfare. One should follow them in order to be safe from COVID-19.

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