What Is CVS Covid Testing | CVS Testing Precautions And Measures

CVS pharmacy performs rapid result tests by drive-thru technique. In this article, the whole process of CVS Covid Testing is explained.

CVS pharmacy is an organization that is trying to make the COVID-19 tests accessible to almost every citizen. They have established about 4800 testing sites in the District of Columbia. And they are giving test results very rapidly.

They are making the Covid test very reliable and secure. These tests are available free of cost. All you need to do is enroll yourself for the Covid test and then, drive to the CVS Covid Testing site. The site for registering for the COVID-19 test is cvs.com.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a communicable disease that is caused by a newly known virus corona. It is affecting many people all around the world, causing many deaths. It spreads very rapidly from one person to person.

The government and many other organizations are trying their best to control the spread of coronavirus. It is one of the most dangerous diseases spreading worldwide. Doctors are trying their level best to stop these coronavirus infections.

There are various measures that people are following. The most important step is to get being tested. There are various testing techniques to test that a person is being infected by COVID-19 or not.

How Is CVS Covid Testing Done?

CVS pharmacy has introduced a drive-thru testing process, which is organized at big parking lots that have a capacity of performing 500 to 100 tests per day. In the starting days of March 2020, CVS pharmacy had taken the responsibility of doing Rapid Covid Testing all around the US. And by the month of April, they established five main testing sites in the US. It takes almost 30 minutes of time from the arrival of the patient to have the test done. The whole procedure for CVS Covid Testing is mentioned below. Have a look.!

  • The very first step is to register yourself on cvs.com, which is their official website. And after registering, book a schedule for yourself. While booking online, you will be notified whether you will get drive thru test or rapid result test. Depending on the site, you have to reach there and follow all the given instruction.

Drive-thru Testing:

  • In this testing method, you need to drive yourself to the testing location. You have to stay in the car. Go to the parking section and collect the needed kit to complete your test.
  • This type of test is done in the supervision of a local Minute Clinic provider. Complete the necessary test by submitting your specimen thorough the drive thru window and then leave the site.
  • The test results will be available in 2-3 days after the CVS Covid Testing. It may take longer time as per the demand of test.

Rapid result Testing:

  • Instructions regarding rapid result test may vary from location to location. You just have to drive your car and visit the CVS Covid Testing center.
  • Wait for your turn. You will be provided by test kit in your car. You will be collecting the sample for the test by yourself. This will be done in the supervision of CVS Health team members.
  • You will have to wait in the car till the process completes.
  • The result will be available rapidly after test. This won’t take longer time.
  • In this way, CVS Covid Testing technique are able to manage large number of tests throughout US.

Precautions you should take during Covid test

In order to avoid any kind of confusion or preventing false results, you should follow few steps. Some precautions taken by you may help the testing agencies from errors. Here is the list of few things which you can check during the CVS Covid Testing process which will be very useful to you as well as a medical team.

  • Check your name and confirmation code on the test kit which is provided to you. In case your name or confirmation code is wrong, contact the testing team members. In both cases, you might not get your test results.
  • Do not keep the piece of paper with you in which your name and confirmation code is written. Put that paper in the bag itself.
  • Insert the swab about one inch in the nostril and rotate it for 15 seconds. If it is not done properly, the sample may not be collected properly, which would give false results.
  • Close the lid tightly and zip the bag properly. Place the specimen in the box and drop the given kit to the correct place.
  • If you are minor (age less than 15), you must come with your parents of guardian for the test.
  • Please, cooperate with the team members and follow the given instructions properly.
  • Do not break any Covid rules. As it won’t just harm you, but may also infect others.

Measures taken by CVS to increase Covid testing

CVS pharmacy has taken this very important step to ensure that Covid tests are being done on time. They are trying their best for conducting as many tests as possible and make the US free from Covid as soon as possible. Measures taken by the CVS Covid Testing agency are as follows:

  • They have established about 1000 rapid result testing sites
  • They opened five large testing centers in just one month.
  • They have introduced this new drive thru process in which contact from patient is reduced that also safeguard the CVS Health team members from getting infected.
  • Testing is available at free of cost.
  • Bookings are done through phones, which makes it completely accessible to everyone.
  • Sites are made at large parking area where all the necessary safety precautions can be taken care and social distancing is maintained properly.

COVID-19 is a viral disease that is increasing day by day. It is one of the most dangerous deadly diseases. Thousands of people are dying due to the Long-Term Effects Of Covid-19. Since it is a communicable disease, it is necessary to take the required precautions to be safeguarded against this deadly disease. We must follow all the rules and regulations of COVID-19 protocols. Also, get your test done and stay at your home.


What is drive-thru testing?

CVS pharmacy is an organization that has taken the responsibility of doing Covid tests in the US. CVS Health team members are working with the states government to perform a regular and lathe number of tests in the US.

What is CVS pharmacy?

Drive-thru testing is testing ways introduced by CVS pharmacy. All you have to do is to drive yourself to the test centers and then, required samples will be collected. This drive-thru testing technique is very common and widely used in the US.

Is it safe to go for a CVS Covid test?

Yes. It is completely safe to have the Covid test done at CVS pharmacy.

How much time CVS test takes?

It takes about 30 minutes of time to complete one test.

What is the common location chosen by CVS pharmacy?

CVS pharmacy has chosen Parking lots to makes their test center as it has a lot of space and Covid SOP can be maintained easily over there.

What is the official site for the registration of CVS Covid tests?

The official website for the COVID-19 test by CVS pharmacy is – cvs.com

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