How Many Different Types Of Obesity?

Obesity is a medical problem seen in adults, teenagers as well as kids. Here we define How Many Different Types Of Obesity? Obesity gives you several diseases as well as health problems. Some of the health problems are heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer.

There are multiple reasons why you gain weight suddenly. The genes which you get from your parents can sometimes affect the amount of stored fat in your body. Also, unhealthy diet, like consuming fast foods, sugary things, gluten products, and avoiding vegetables and fruits. 

Other than these high-calorie beverages and sugared soft drinks promotes obesity. There are Different Types Of Obesity. Each of them has different symptoms and treatments. Obesity makes you more likely to go through with high blood pressure and high cholesterol level.

It also causes type 2 diabetes and results in abnormal blood sugar levels. Sometimes obesity can cause insomnia or digestive problems like heartburn, gallbladder disease, fatty liver, etc. Different Types Of Obesity are very harmful. Each of them has different types of symptoms and treatment. 

6 Different Types Of Obesity

Food Obesity

This kind of obesity is caused by overeating or consuming sugary foods. Your body takes more calories than it loses, which results in weight gaining. Some of the causes include eating a large number of fast foods, alcohol abuse, eating greater portions than your body needs, drinking too many soft drinks, lack of physical activity, and sometimes genetics.

A healthy diet consists of fruits and vegetables mainly. Other than these you can also consume rice, bread, pasta, and other wholegrain foods. Some milk and dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, and beans are also healthy and help in reducing food obesity. Also, follow a low-calorie diet and try to avoid consuming alcohol. 

Thickness Due To Nervous Stomach

Nervous stomach obesity is very much harmful among Different Types Of Obesity. People get this type of obesity due to their mental health and gut health. Too much anxiety and depressions led to the occurrence of poor digestive issues. Due to your bad mental health facts, you often try to eat sugary foods or start having an eating disorder. Some of the symptoms are feeling nervous or anxious, shaking. Twitching of muscles, stomach upset, nausea, frequent flatulence, cramping in the stomach. 

Indigestion or rapid fullness while eating is the most harmful and dangerous cause of the nervous stomach. Some of the treatments for this kind of obesity include the usage of herbal things like ginger root, peppermint, lavender, etc. Also, try to avoid caffeine like coffee and start drinking green tea, oolong tea, or any other less stimulating tea. Try to calm yourself down by doing meditation, deep breathing, mindfulness, etc. 

Gluten Obesity

Gluten obesity mainly happens to women in adolescence who are going through menopause and hormonal imbalance. Intaking foods rich in gluten can cause rapid weight gain. In celiac patients, this causes weight loss. Excessive consumption of gluten products may lead to an increase in cholesterol levels. Gluten is mainly found in wheat, rye, barley, etc. They damage the small intestine lining and results in abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, diarrhea, etc. 

An apple and a gluten-free cookie don’t have some nutritious value. So just eating gluten-free cakes, cookies and sweets won’t help in losing obesity. For controlling gluten obesity all you have to do is follow a gluten-free diet. The food you should eat is lean, non-processed meats, fish, beans, seeds, legumes, and nuts. Also, you can add gluten-free flours like rice, soy, corn, potato, etc. 

Genetic Metabolic Obesity

According to clear inheritance order genes cause obesity. You can get obese by the genes of your parents. Some of the research says that 25% of obesity causes for genes. Genes affect your weight in many ways. It affects your appetites, satiety, food cravings, metabolism, body-fat distribution, and a tendency of stress eating. It also accumulates fat in the middle part of the body. 

There is no such treatment for genetic obesity but you can control few habits to lose weight. Exercising daily and eating healthy will help you in fighting against obesity. Some people have a moderate genetic predisposition to be overweight. They have a good chance of losing weight. Also, follow a strict diet even on holidays and weekends. This will help in restraining your cravings for food. 

Venous Circulation Obesity

Among the different kinds of obesity, venous circulation obesity is also caused by genes. It happens generally to women during pregnancy. People who have swollen legs also go through this kind of obesity. A person who is overweight is more likely to develop vein disease. Vein walls are thin and impermeable so hidden fat accumulated doesn’t let the venous blood flow back to the heart.

Venous circulation obesity results in the accumulation of excessive fat behind the knees. Also, due to being overweight, the vein compresses which gives pain in the back portion of the leg. This type of obesity cures by having regular physical exercise. Especially, running, climbing stairs, and running. Having a walk for 30 minutes regularly will also help you in getting cured. 

Inactivity Obesity

This type of obesity is mainly caused to people who used to be active before in their past. Generally, people who played sports. Inactivity means doing nothing but consuming high calories. This causes obesity and also harmful diseases related to obesity. Suddenly stopping all the physical activities, one used to do before will promote the accumulation of fat in their body.

They mainly change their eating habit and stops doing much physical activity. Sometimes sitting in a place for a long time also causes obesity. The only way to treat this kind of obesity is to do more physical activity and also control the intake of certain foods. 


Different Types Of Obesity or being overweight can sometimes become very much hard to handle. It diminishes the overall quality of your life and you get weight-related issues. Some of these are depression, disability, shame and guilt, social isolation, and lower work achievement. But even though it’s hard to lose weight quickly, working hard will show you the result. Doing any physical activity regularly will help people who are slightly overweight. For obese people having a good calorie-reducing diet and workout will benefit them. Otherwise, sleeping for 8 hours and having more fruits and vegetables will result in you a healthy and happy life. 


What are the two types of obesity?

Other than 6 Different Types Of Obesity, there are two more kinds of obesity types. These are:
2. Type-1 obesity: The main reason for this type of obesity is intaking the number of calories more than you lose that number of calories. Also, lack of physical exercise is another cause. Having a healthy diet and doing regular exercise will help you in treating this obesity.
2. Type-2 obesity: this kind of obesity happens due to diseases like Cushing syndrome, hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian diseases, and insulinoma, etc. Type-2 obesity has nothing to do with overeating or lack of physical activity.  

How do I know if I am overweight?

BMI or body mass index says that if you have a BMI of more than 0.20-25 you are overweight and having a BMI above 0.30 rate then you are obese. Also, there are other few ways to know if you are overweight. You are overweight if your waist measurement is above 40, you snore a lot at night or have sleep apnea, get heartburns very frequently, and have achy joints. Also, people who are overweight have problems like asthma and shortness of breath even doing the smallest work. 

What are the negative effects of obesity?

Some of the negative effects of High blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, or high levels of triglycerides, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, and many more. Obesity also makes you very much lazy and you lose the eagerness to do small and simple work. The weight troubles you while walking, playing, and in other things. 

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