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Food To Avoid For Weight Loss

For healthy lifestyle many food we eat whose not good for our health but many types of food to avoid for weight loss. Because weight loss is very dangerous for living our lifestyle.

All people know that for weight loss no any shortcut but you will understand that some do yoga poses and some food for your weight loss.

All food are not good for our health this is the reason that we loss our health time-to-time.

In our busy life we have no time that we take all healthy food on time to time but we avoid some foods for our weight loss plan.

people excuse that we spent our whole time in school, in office, in market so we can’t eat healthy food  so we eat in market food whose not good for our health.

Food to avoid in weight loss    

  • Fruit juice :-

Fruit juice is good for our health but people don’t know that most fruit juices grow our weight.

In fruit juice high calories and sugar

But many types of habit that add extra sugar then drink fruit juice this is very harm for our body so most fruit juices we should avoid for weight loss.

  • Extra dressing in salad

Extra dressing in salad also harmful for our body. Extra dressing salad increase our weight or fatness very fast.

Because this type salad we destroyed fiber whose fiber is good for our health.

This salad increase many types of desies and first of all we increase our fat and weight.

This Type of salad has high amount of total fat and it’s has most of sugar whose not good for healthy lifestyle.

  • French fries & potato chips :-

Potatoes are very healthy for our health. French fries and potato chips are very testy but this is very bad for your weight. And potato salad is very healthy salad for us.

In this food high in calories, high In carbs, high in fat whose not good for weight. French fries and potato salad contribute to our weight gain.

In American agrecutural and research center found only 100 grams chips has 312 grams calories and some calories in potato chips.

  1.  White bread :-

White bread is made from very finally grounded wheat flour in process of wheat flour made many types of nutrition distroied. White bread spike your blood sugar levels.

:- this is the mainly reason that grain your weight that is not good for health.

two slice of white bread is 40% risk gain for our weight

  • Alcohol:-

Alcohol is very dangerous for us because alcohol has most calories and carbs and protein whose fastly our hungry .

So we know that it we are hungry than we eat many food whose gain our weight.

We found in research whose people drinking  alcohol their melting of fat very low whose very dangerous for our health or weight.

  • Sugar :-

Sugar is very dangerous for our body. If you eat most sweet this is very harmful.

Directly sugar Defected fat tissue in our body.

whose calorie you got no benefits. If you want to eat sugar then think about it you eat whose sugar which you burn it for you healthy lifestyle.

  • Pizza :-

Pizza is the popular fast food. This is very testy food eat.

We know that pizza is very harmful for us because it has many calories and pizza made by high refined flour. It has many ingredients are unhealthy our body.

Commercially pizza is very harmful for our body but homemade pizza is very healthy for our body. So I suggest you that you made pizza at home and enjoy this.

Importance Of Foods Avoid

In this market most of fast food, dinner, breakfast are harmful for our body. Because whose ingredients used in market is harmful for us. Whose many types of disease actives in our body.

Market food is very tasty for eat and we eat because many people has no time to make food in home and eat. Its improve for body fat.

For weight loss we should many types foods to avoid for living a healthy lifestyle. We should whose types of food eat which we consume or burn this.  

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