Foods To Reduce Cholesterol | Reduce Cholesterol Without Medication

Foods To Reduce CholesterolFoods To Reduce Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fatty substance in our body that helps in the functioning of day-to-day work. We talk about Foods To Reduce Cholesterol. A specific amount of cholesterol is healthy for your body. If the cholesterol increases, your body will go through several problems.

High cholesterol levels will affect your body in different ways. They will develop fatty deposits in your blood vessels. These fatty deposits will make the blood flow through the arteries difficult, resulting to cause heath attack or stroke. Cholesterols are mainly two types of calories:

  1. low-density lipoprotein. (LDL)
  2. High-density lipoprotein. (HDL)

Among these LDL is the bad cholesterol and HDL is the good cholesterol. High cholesterol levels can cause chronic kidney disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, hypothyroidism, etc. Bad eating habits causes high cholesterol level. We consume food with high cholesterol without knowing it. Few dairy products contain saturated fat or trans-fat.

Both of these fats are very much harmful to your body and also promotes in increasing the cholesterol level. If you get any of the chronic diseases, it’s the time when your body needs Foods To Reduce Cholesterol levels. Having a proper diet is very much necessary, both for your body as well as your cholesterol level. 

Foods That Lower Cholesterol Fast

There are various kinds of soluble foods available to reduce your cholesterol level very quickly. Some foods deliver soluble fibers which bind the cholesterol in the digestive system and helps your body to drag them out before they get into circulation. Some of the Foods To Reduce Cholesterol is as follows:

  • Oats: having oats for your breakfast is healthy as well as it helps you in losing weight. Oatmeal or cold-oat-based cereals like cheerios are very much low in cholesterol and also tasty. This meal gives you approximately 1-2 grams of soluble fiber. To make it tastier you can also add a half gram of strawberries or banana.
  • Beans: beans take a longer time to digest. This is the reason why having beans will keep your stomach full for a long time. Thus, your body will not need any snacks or other high-calorie Foods To Reduce Cholesterol level. Some of the beans are kidney beans, lentils, garbanzos, black-eyed peas, etc.
  • Nuts: many think that nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts have fats in them and can increase your cholesterol level. But this is false! Nuts are very much nutritious and good for the heart. They contain very low calorie and doesn’t increase your weight.
  • Soy: Foods like soybeans are very much helpful in lowering cholesterol. Also, food made of soy like tofu, soy milk, etc. is very much nutritious. If you consume 25 grams of soy protein every day, you will automatically lower your LDL rate by 5% to 6%.

Other than these fiber supplements will also help in lowering the LDL level and don’t affect omega-3 fatty acids. 

How To Reduce Cholesterol Without Medication?

Without medication, dietary habits can help a lot in reducing cholesterol levels. But doing this you may have to leave few fast foods. And start having foods that will reduce cholesterol levels. Here are some of the ways you can reduce cholesterol without medication:

  • Reducing saturated fat: store brought cookies, crackers and cakes sometimes contain trans-fat or saturated fat. Even dairy products can raise your cholesterol. Reducing these saturated fat-containing products will automatically help to decrease the cholesterol level in your body.
  • Eating foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids: Omega-3 fatty acids benefits heath and keeps it healthy, including reducing blood pressure. Even soluble fibers help in lowering the absorption of cholesterol in your bloodstream. Foods like sprouts, apples, pears, kidney beans help in reducing cholesterol levels.
  • Doing regular physical activity: working out for at least 30 minutes every day will help to raise high-density lipoprotein (HDL). Activities like walking, playing your favorite sports, riding the bike to work will help you stay motivated also will reduce your cholesterol level.
  • Quit smoking: smoking and drinking alcohol increases the chance of heart disease and also higher the cholesterol level in your body.

Other than these making a few changes in your lifestyle and food habits will help you in reducing the cholesterol level in your body without taking any medications.

Foods To Avoid High Cholesterol

Cholesterol when buildup in the arteries blocks the flow of the blood and leads to coronary heart diseases. You must avoid foods that contain these three types of fat, Saturated fat, unsaturated fat, and trans-fat. Saturated fat mainly consists of products like meat and dairy products.

These products mainly promote producing more bad cholesterol in your liver. Unsaturated fats consist of certain fish, plants, nuts, and seeds. They influence the bad cholesterol to break down. Now the liver absorbs this cholesterol. Solidifies vegetable oils are some of the food products that come under trans fats. The consistency of trans fats in them is very high. 

Some of the foods to avoid with high cholesterol are:

  • Fatty beef, lamb, pork.
  • Poultry with skin.
  • Lard and shortening.
  • Dairy products, made from whole or reduced-fat milk.

Also, multiple foods contain trans-fat in them. Some of these include potato chips and crackers, packaged frosting, commercially fried foods, bakery goods that contain shortening, buttered popcorn, and many more. Also packed biscuits, cookies and cakes can sometimes have a high amount of cholesterol in them. Hydrogenated or hydrogenated vegetable oil also increases the cholesterol level. Always check the products’ ingredients before buying them. 

Diet To Lower Cholesterol And Lose Weight

There are various kinds of Foods To Reduce Cholesterol levels in the human body. But, often it is hard to know what to eat and when to eat to reduce the cholesterol level and also lose weight. For this, there is a certain diet which will be helpful for you. 

  • Mediterranean diet
  • DASH diet or the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet
  • Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC)
  • Vegetarian diet
  • Vegan diet

Following any one of these diets will help you in losing cholesterol very quickly. These diets even help to lose weight fast and also keep your body healthy and fit. 


Cholesterol is very much harmful to your body. It harms us in many ways and causes deadly diseases like heart disease, kidney disease, and blocks the arteries. But there are many treatments for reducing cholesterol in your body. Even different types of diets and Foods To Reduce Cholesterol levels very quickly and easily. If you are going through any symptoms of high cholesterol level, consult a doctor. Taking care of your body will help you to stay fit and healthy. 


Which vegetable reduces cholesterol?

Many kinds of food reduce cholesterol very quickly. Consuming these Foods To Reduce Cholesterol level without taking any medications. Vegetables like okra, eggplant, carrots, and potatoes help in reducing cholesterol. Among fruits avocado, apples, grapes, citrus fruit, and strawberries play a major role in losing weight. Different types of beans are also nutritious and healthy. These include kidney beans, small beans, and many other kinds of beans that are nutritious and equally tasty. Even chickpeas and lentils are a good choice if you want to lose weight and cholesterol levels.

What reduces cholesterol quickly?

Reducing cholesterol naturally can be tough but not impossible. It may take time to see results after changing your dietary plan to reduce cholesterol levels. Having healthy foods every day will help in increasing the good cholesterol in your body. Avoiding gelatin, packed foods, sugary drinks, and cakes will reduce the cholesterol level in your body. Also exercising daily will improve your body as well as your heart. 

What is the best drink to lower cholesterol?

Some of the drinks which will help in lowering your cholesterol levels are:
1. Green tea.
2. Soy milk.
3. Oat drinks. 
4. Tomato juice.
5. Berry smoothies.
6. Cocoa drinks.
7. Plant milk smoothies.
Other than these you can also try drinks containing sterols and stanols, plant milk smoothies, etc. Some drinks to avoid are coffees and teas with whipped cream, ice-cream-based drinks, high-fat milk products, and sugary cold drinks.