How Many Types Of Sexes Are There?

Before knowing How Many Types Of Sexes Are There, we know what is sex? Some people believe that when the penis enters the vagina, it is called sex. But this isn’t true for everyone.

People like to have different types of sex. This requires good communication and consent, No matter what kind of sex you prefer.

Because some sex can lead to a serious condition like pregnancy or STD. Let us know some such type of sex.

How Many Types Of Sexes

  1. Vaginal Sex: Vaginal sex predominates in all sex. This occurs when the penis enters the vagina.
  1. Oral Sex: Oral sex is when someone licks, sucks or kisses their partner’s private part with their mouth.
  1. Masturbation: Masturbation is the type of sex in which you stimulate yourself or your partner’s genitals with your hands.
  1. Anal sex: Anal sex is a type of sex in which you put a penis or sex toy in your partner’s anus. This sex is famous among homosexual people.
  1. Virtual sex: Virtual sex can also be called online or phone sex. In this, you can have sex through a text, phone call, chat, or video call while feeling away from your partner.
  1. Pornography: Pornography is a type of sex in which you invite your partner or yourself to have sex or desire through a pornographic video and picture.
  1. Toy sex: The type of sex in which you use sex toys. This type has become more active in the last few decades. Homosexual people use their sexual desire only with the help of sex toys. You will find sex toys of every size and type in the market.
  1. Group sex: The type of sex involving 3 or more people, occurs in group sex. It can be of many types during this, people often swapping their partners. It can also be in groups with many people. Group sex party is also done.

Now you all know How Many Types Of Sexes Are There?

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