How Much Water Should We Drink A Day ?

In our lifestyle Water means a lot to us. Because always we confused that How Much Water Should We Drink A Day ?

According to the science approx 70% of our body is consumption of water. Which is helpful in Protesting  the external and internal aggressive serious diseases in our body. If there is deficiency or excess, then we fall prey to many disease.

What is the water ?

Basically water is a chemical reaction of hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O). In which 2 part of hydrogen (H+H) overlap of one part of oxygen (O). Which is the reaction of H2O Which we call water in common language.

Now you need to know What is the function of hydrogen and oxygen in our body.


  1. Hydrogen helps in to ammonia synthesis.
  2. It also helps in to fuel refinement.
  3. It helps in removing toxin from the body.
  4. It produced energy in the body.
  5. Hydrogen stored tissues in our body to protect from free radical damages.


  1. Oxygen helps in to eliminate waste material fro our body.
  2. It helps in to keep the body at constant temperature.
  3. It helps in maintain an efficient metabolism.
  4. Its kept constant fluid properties.
  5. Oxygen also works to make blood circulation and sweat in the skin.

According to this above chart both elements (Hydrogen and Oxygen) are more beneficial For our body. And If we drink the sufficient quantity of water then we can remain healthy to a great extent without any medical help.

      So, you move need to know “What is the sufficient quantity of water for a day?”

As we have been heaving since old  times that we should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. This is correct too.

You should to drink 8-ounce glass of water in a day.

But it is also depends on age and gender.

Then you would like to know how much water should be drunk at what age. And how much water should to drink make and temple.

Then you will need this chart :-

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Which drinking water is good for our health?

We all know here is know any types of drinking water available. But we always listen about, mineral water, filtered water, normal water and any more. These all are based on ph level of water.

  1. Normal drinking water -> In normal drinking water has 6.5 to 8.5 ph level.
  2. Mineral water -> It contains various minerals, such as salt and sulfur compound. And it has 7.5 ph level.
  3. Filtered water -> It also contains good substance with varying ph level typically 7.5 ph.
  4. Distilled water -> It s a clean water in every way in which all the necessary elements are also removed. It ph level is “7”.

These are all potable water, but the most beneficial can be called filtered drinking water.

      Because in addition to the required mineral, the ph level is also maintained.

  • Now it comes in the mind if many people whether one should drink cold water or hot water :-

Cold water :- If you drink cold water daily then you have to stop it. It do not means you should not drink cold water.

But when you are too thirsty and comes from any heavy workout you should to drink water but at room temperature water.

Generally people after having workout and in summer season wants to drink chilled or cold water but they do not know it becomes big problems for them. They faced constipation, indigestion and heart disease problems.

Hot water :- If you want to drink hot water then you may drink, but not too hot water. You should to take lukewarm water. Its helps in eliminating many disease.

You may drink lukewarm water with lemon or lemon water. It helps in weight loss. But you want to gain weight you never should drink with lemon. It also keeps your body hydrated.

After having workout you should to take lukewarm water. Constipation and indigestion patient must drink lukewarm water daily.

While pregnancy and pregnant lady should how much drink water a day.

Normal people or woman should to drink water approx 2 liter a day. It helps us from many diseases.

But here is the question is while pregnancy or pregnant lady should how much drink water a day. This first we all know in pregnancy  or pregnant women faced many problems like body swelling, dehydration, fatigue, lack of iron and so many things.

When they will take their body hydrated they can save from these types of all diseases. So they also should to drink. 8-10 ounce glass of water or Approx  2 liter par day. It helps there those during pregnancy problem.

      After pregnancy its fine to breast feeling. As we know breastfeeding is to compulsory for new born baby.

During the birth of a child, there is weakness in the body of women due to excessive bleeding. Due to watch there is also lake of hydration in them, is reduce the action of milk in their body right quantity of water.

They should to take 8-10 ounce glass of water or approx 1.8 to 2 liter of water.