Is Masturbation A Sin ?

There are many misconceptions among people about masturbation. such as:- Is Masturbation A Sin? Is Masturbation Wrong?

As doctors and sexologists believe, masturbation is a healthy and natural process. It is not a sin or mistake or does it cause any harm.

Masturbation is a process of self-gratification. About 99% of people masturbate, but 100% refuse to accept it.

Self-gratification can not be a sin in any way unless someone to harmed under that process. Masturbation is also a process of self-gratification which is not a sin in any way.

What Is Masturbation ?

Masturbation is a process in which you stimulate your genitals with the help of your hands or any device to reach the climax of sexual intercourse, that is, get orgasm. Both boys and girls do it. The desire to do this starts with being young although come youngsters don’t.

On average, men start from 12-13 years of age, while women start enjoying masturbation in the last phase of 13 to 19 years.

Doing this becomes necessary for young boys and girls when they are unable to get married due to any reason or they become abnormally strong sexually. Now it has also been proved scientifically, that there is no harm by doing it.

It is also the easiest and safest way to have sex. With this, you can know your likes and dislikes easily.

Through this, you can easily tell your partner about your sexual preference and dislike. And whether you have heard anything about it, but the truth is that there is nothing to feel embarrassing about it.

Misconception Of Masturbation

There is a lot of misconception about masturbation. Such as:-

  1. You can become blind from masturbation.
  2. Doing this daily can lead to thinning and weakness.
  3. It can’t even be crazy.
  4. There may be abdominal pain and fevers
  5. Your fertility may be reduced.
  6. This causes the penis of men to become.
  7. It has an age line to do.

Facts About Masturbation

Here is some truth is, you can masturbate as long as you want whether you are unmarried or married. There is no harm in imaging during this. You can also think about things that you might not do in real life during masturbation it is also perfectly normal and natural.

It is very private but it is illegal to do it in public.

  1. Doing this neither makes your penis crooked nor does the genitalia of women loose.
  2. By masturbating you are neither blind, nor this, nor mad nor weak.
  3. Doing this also does not cause stomach pain and fever.
  4. This does not reduce your fertility.
  5. There is no age limit for doing this.
  6. By doing this, there is no dark circle also.

It comes in the types of sex, not in any mistake or sin.

Advantage And Disadvantage

It is a healthy sexual activity. It has many benefits for mental and physical health. According to one study, it has limited benefits but studies show that it is a good way to increase sexual excitement.


  1. Doing this reduces mental stress
  2. Good sleep is achieved.
  3. Your mood remains good.
  4. It gives you comfort.
  5. It makes you feel happy.
  6. Also relieves sexual tension.
  7. It is also helpful to understand your desires and needs better.
  8. It also provides relief in cramps.
  9. Also helps in your better sex.
  10. According to a research, regular ejaculation also reduces the risk of cancer.
  11. There is also no risk of sexual infection.


There is no have from masturbation like this, but on the basis of some cultural, spiritual or religious beliefs, people consider it wrong.

But it can cause some harm and trouble due to its addition.


  1. Sometimes you do not pay attention to your daily activities.
  2. Children do not mind their works and studies.
  3. Finding an excuse not to go to school or office.
  4. Do not spent time with family or friends.
  5. Not to be involved in some important social work.
  6. Silence in friendship and relationships. If you are not bound by the above addition then masturbating is not harmful.

But even today, the wrong and bad perception remains among many people of you to feel wrong doing it. You can share your problems with your closest friend or seek advice from a sexual health expert.

Masturbation Effect

Masturbation also has physical and mental effects.

  1. Masturbation releases hormone called endorphins, dopamine, testosterone, prolactin and oreytocin. Which removes your mental stress, fatigue and pain. Your mood is good and makes you happy.
  2. Many people also believe that, this helps them to concentrate better and get rest. However, these is no scientific explanation for this.
  3. If you are unable to sleep due to stress and anxiety then, it also helps you in sleeping.
  4. This also increases self-love and self-esteem.
  5. It also enhances your sex life.
  6. This can be a problem for when you’re talking forwards it becomes negative. If this happens, seek appropriate advice from a sexologist.


Masturbation does not cause not any disease. But there are a lot of misconceptions in our society, that it can cause many diseases. Such as curvature of the penis inability to enjoy sexual intercourse, weakness, or decreased fertility. But all these myths are not true.

But if you want to get rid of its addiction, then you can keep busy yourself with your other favorite work.

Also, you can go running or walking and should exercise. Can write notes or diary. Can spend time with friends. And if you still need it, you can seek the help of your doctor.

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