Is Oral Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

People have many misconceptions and facts about having sex during pregnancy many people believe that one should not have sex during pregnancy, while some people believe that they can have sex during pregnancy. But even today people have a question in their minds whether Is oral sex safe during pregnancy or oral Sex is safe?

But now the doctors have given the answer to this question.

Actually, if oral sex is during pregnancy or without pregnancy in any situation it can be risky without taking any protection.

Oral sex can increase the chances of many diseases such as gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, syphilis, HIV aids, hepatitis, STD and herpes, etc. but if you use dental dams, condoms, and similar sex protection during oral sex then you can enjoy it during pregnancy.

Following These Things When Oral Sex

If you want to have safe Is Oral Sex Safe During Pregnancy, then some of the following things have to be taken care of…

  1. for safety, avoid intercourse in the later trimesters.
  2. If you want to have oral sex during pregnancy, you need to be very careful.
  3. At times during oral sex, there is a possibility of air in the vagina which can prove dangerous for both the fetus and the mother during pregnancy
  4. During pregnancy, the blood gets enlarged and the vagina also becomes very sensitive. At the time even a slight disturbance can be the cause of bleeding. Bleeding may cause some problems in women, but it does not affect most of the fetus.
  5. Is Oral Sex Safe During Pregnancy can increase the risk of disease like HIV aids and gonorrhea, so take care of all possible protection at that time.
  6. Having oral sex during pregnancy can also lead to dangerous diseases like Chlamydia. So make every effort that before oral sex, you have done cleaning of the genitals thoroughly and protection against dental dams and condoms.
  7. Having oral sex with Herpes-infected women during pregnancy can pose a complex problem. That is why it is better not to do oral sex at such a time
  8. Oral sex is one way to be safe during pregnancy of you is caution.

Oral Sex Can Delay Period

You must have been wondering many times whether Oral Sex can stop a girl’s period or oral sex can delay a period. So now don’t have to worry about this. Because gynaecologists say that there is no reason for pregnancy during oral sex.

Because during oral sex you use only your mouth, finger, lips, and tongue. And one reason for stopping or delaying the period is pregnancy. There can be other reasons for the period stopping or delaying.

Such as:

  1.  Lack of blood or hemoglobin problem in women.
  2. The one-set of a period of a lower or older age is also the cause of a period delay.
  3. Sometimes our daily routine and eating habits also cause period delays.
  4. The thickening of many girls and women also causes period delay.
  5. Stress and excessive exercise is also a major cause affecting menstruation.
  6. Polycystic ovary syndrome can be a serious cause of delayed menstruation.
  7. Sometimes menstrual dysfunction can also occur due to excess deficiency of hormones like estrogen and progesterone.
  8. Your irregular sleep can also daily menstruation.

If any of the above reasons are happening then it is possible for your menstruation to be delayed, but oral sex does not cause menstruation until the male semen reaches through the vagina of the woman’s ovary.

If you perform vaginal sex in arousal during oral sex, it is also possible that you may have a delay period or stop, if you have not had safe sex at that time.

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