What Are The Major Causes For Low back Chronic Pain And Prevention?

Back pain is not only the pain of old age it’s a painful disease of any age. Changing lifestyle of today, Low Back Chronic Pain is becoming common. Back pain is more recognized in females during menstruation and pregnancy.

Back or waist pain occurs due to many reasons like calcium, vitamin deficiency, rheumatoid arthritis, diseases of vertebrae, the strain on muscles and fibers, swelling in the uterus, menstrual disturbances, use of wrong postures, etc.

What Causes Low Back Chronic Pain?

The lower part of the backbone carries most of the weight of our body. Even when we lean, twist, or carry heavy objects, all the weight subsides on the lower part of the backbone. Even when we sit in one place for a long time, the weight still falls on that place. Due to all these reasons, there is repeated pressure on the muscles, tissues, and ligaments that support our spine.

This type of pain is called stress pain. To avoid this, you should not work continuously crouching in one place in the same position and try to maintain taking some breaks. You should keep changing your position so that there is no immobility in the muscles.

There are many other reasons behind the pain in the lower back which are as follows:


When we experience stress, our muscles get corpses. Mostly the muscles of the neck and upper back are most influenced by tension. Due to the immobility of the back muscles, our back starts to hurt. You must have noticed, whenever you are stressed, the first thing starts bothering the back. For people who are suffering from the problem of back pain, if they are stressed for a long time then the issue of lower back pain increases. Therefore the mind should be protected from getting stressed.

New Technology

People who are busy with their phones or tab for many hours a day have text neck health problems. Since they are bending their neck down while working on the phone or tab, there is extra weight on their spine, it is a different matter that initially they do not realize, but this habit gradually increases their posture. And back pain starts, the matter is clear, not only your eyes but other parts of the body are also getting disturbed by staying in the screen day and night, now you have come to know this connection.

Deterioration of muscle coordination of the body

We all know that all the parts of our body work together in great coordination, that is, Low Back Chronic Pain does not mean that the main problem is in the back itself. There is also back pain due to strain in the hamstrings or weakening of the abdominal muscles. If the coordination of the muscles in the body is disturbed, then it affects the whole body, especially in such a situation. The back has to work more. Then, the bench starts asking for its overtime, here you can consider overtime as extra care.

You should consult your doctor or physiotherapist and take their opinion about this. Yes, you should do exercises that strengthen the core muscles, and try to keep the belly in shape should be your priority. Keep in mind that in the case of Low Back Chronic Pain, exercise should be done only under the supervision of a specialist.

Discs in the middle of the spine

The discs between our spinal cord act as a cushioning effect of the spine. They protect the spine from any kind of shock, understand in simple language that they work as a shock-absorber, but over time these discs start to become flat, or due to wrong posture or injury, etc. Many people also have a family history of disc defects.

These discs do not always cause a painful condition, but once the pain starts due to discs, it is very painful. You should apply hot and cold packs that also provide relief. Physiotherapy also helps, but it would be better for you to follow the advice of the doctor.

Severe Disease

Sometimes pancreatitis, ulcer, or kidney infection also causes severe back pain.  At the same time, sometimes back pain also indicates cancer.  Apart from this, spinal cord infections like osteomyelitis can also cause back pain.

How to prevent lower back chronic pain?

Generally, the impact of lifestyle also results in lower back chronic pain. For this, some modifications in lifestyle are required like-

Sit properly while sitting in the right posture

The back requires being comforted by the chair. Your hand also requires support. Get up from the chair after every one hour so that there is no change in physical condition. You should refresh the body by stretching in between exercises. Keep in mind that your working place is comfortable, avoid sudden bending, keep the posture correct while sitting.

Keep these things in mind while working on a computer

If you are doing some work on a laptop and desktop, then the topmost part of this stuff should be at a 90-degree angle of your eye. At the same period, the mouse should also be kept at an angle of 90 degrees. You should not bend your neck while utilizing the mobile phone, just hide your eyes down.

Walk on foot

You can call any person on the go while calling. It is better to mail a text message to someone in the office, move to his desk and talk. On this pretext, you will also have to follow some steps.

Be careful while lifting weights

Do not sit down completely while lifting the weight, let the weighty thing come near your body and only then lift it. If you fail to do so, it may result in back pain.

Healthy eating habits

Proper eating habits not only benefit in maintaining a healthy weight but also decrease the extra pressure on the body.

The right way to sleep

You can lower the pressure on your back by rendering simple changes in your sleeping structure. The comfortable way to sleep is to sleep on your side and keep a pillow between your legs.

Reduce mental stress

People are aware of the fact that stress enhances the problem of Low Back Chronic Pain, yoga, meditation, deep breathing, etc. comforts in reducing stress and maintains the mind calm.

Do not smoke

Smoking largely worsens the surviving problem of back pain. Avoiding smoking not only decreases the danger of Low Back Chronic Pain, but also benefits ward off cancer, diabetes, and other lifestyle diseases.

Do regular exercise and yoga

Yoga and exercise are useful ways to maintain the body’s flexibility and good physical posture. Working out regularly lowers stress and keeps the mental and physical health of the body as a whole.

When To See a Doctor in Low Back Chronic Pain?

Usually, Low Back Chronic Pain is dealt with home remedies, but there are some such signs due to which you need to contact the doctor.  It has the following symptoms-

  • Pain lasts for more than 6 weeks.
  • Pain that does not get better with home remedies.
  • Back pain that occurs at night.
  • Abdominal pain with back pain.
  • Weakness, or tingling in the arms or legs.
  • When there is an obstacle in the daily routine work.


What is the cause of lower back chronic pain?

Back or waist pain occurs due to many reasons like calcium, vitamin deficiency, rheumatoid arthritis, diseases of vertebrae, the strain on muscles and fibers, swelling in the uterus, menstrual disturbances, use of wrong postures, etc.

Why does the backbone hurt?

Infection in the spine can cause fever with back pain. In unusual cases, it could be a tumor that presses on the nerves in your spinal cord and this can result in back pain. Back pain can also result in other infections such as pelvic disease, bladder and kidney infections.

How to cure spinal pain?

Early cases of the disease are treated with pain and anti-inflammatory drugs and non-operative techniques. Severe pain can also be treated with corticosteroids, which are injected into the lower back. Physiotherapy is done to give strength and stability to the spine.

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