Mental Health Facts

Mental Health Facts or problems are sometimes misunderstood and don’t treat as something serious. The world is progressing every day and getting more knowledge about these mental health issues.

But there are some serious reasons why mental disorder or illness occurs. Every individual should also be aware of the facts according to the mental health facts U.S. mental illness occurs mainly when an individual has to go through stress or anxiety. It has no age limit. A 14 years old boy can also have depression as severe as a 50 years old adult. Knowing all the important facts will help you to know more about it. 

Mental health statistics 2021 in America

Mental health challenges are very much common in the United States. 20% of adult suffers from mental illness which is treatable. According to the statistics, every day around 123 Americans die because of depression. Most adults start taking different types of drugs while dealing with mental health issues. The total percentage of adults having thoughts of suicide is 4.34%. in the past year, 13.84% of youth have reported having at least one major depressive episode. 

Depression is one type of disorder that affects the majority of youth. It occurs with other kinds of disorders like drug use, anxiety, disorderly behavior, etc. Substance use disorder or alcohol use disorder is also very much common in America. 3.83% of youth reported having substance use disorder in the U.S.

Along with these, it is also reported that 1.69% and 2.85% of youth have reported having alcohol use disorder and excessive drug use disorder respectively. Mental health facts the U.S states that students have a great chance of having Emotional Disturbance disorder which affects their studies. The rate of having Emotional disturbance among students is 8%. Though the rates are very low, it has higher risks of the damaging brain. 

What is Mental health Disorder?

Mental disorders are generally called as illness which affects your mood, feelings, thinking, and behavior. This affects your work daily and can be long-term or short-term. You can go through several mood swings which are also known as bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is an illness where the mood and behavior of the individual change randomly. It may happen in any place and at any moment which is the worst part of it. Other than bipolar disorder there are many other disorders like:

  • Anxiety disorder or panic disorder.
  • Depression or mood disorder.
  • Eating disorder.
  • Personality disorder.
  • Post-traumatic disorder.
  • A psychotic disorder like schizophrenia.

The main reason for the cause of a disorder is stress. This may also include childhood trauma due to abuse. Sometimes the disorder is also hereditary. Severe brain injury can also be a cause of having a mental illness. These injuries often cause trauma which results in getting mood swings appropriately. When a mother comes in contact with harmful viruses or toxic chemicals while pregnant, their children have a high chance of getting a mental illness. Sometimes abuse of alcohol or other drugs may result in having mental issues. Some other causes of mental disorders are medical conditions, feeling isolated or lonely. But this does not happen due to any character flaws like being lazy or weak. 

Who does Mental Health Affect the most?

According to mental health facts, U.S. mental disorder is commonly seen in most adults. Though it can happen at any age or any point in life. One in five U.S. adults is suffering from mental illness. There are two types of mental illness, Any mental illness (AMI) and Serious mental illness (SMI). Any mental illness varies in every age. For example, adults aged between 18 and more have higher chances of getting AMI. But more accurately, adults aged between 18-25 have a high chance of getting AMI than adults aged between 26-49 years. below we have described the accurate percentage of mental issues in different races:

  • Male: 36.8%
  • Female: 49.7%
  • Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual: 49.2%
  • Non-Hispanic Asian: 23.3%
  • Non-Hispanic white: 50.3%
  • Non-Hispanic black or African-American: 32.9%
  • Non-Hispanic mixed/multiracial: 43.0%
  • Hispanic or Latino: 33.9%

Other than this many other races have gone through or suffering from mental issues. 50% of mental health issues start by the age of 14 and 75% begin at age 26 years. Sometimes people who are lonely or introverted or have heavy work schedules have chances of getting depression. But these disorders like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder happens “out of the blue”. So, it is really hard to tell the accurate time when a person will have certain disorders. 

Why is mental health important?

Having stable mental health is very much important. Whether it is your school, home, or workplace, mental health issues can affect every work in your life. One of the common mental problems in the United States is depression. According to mental health facts the U.S.

Mental health is very much necessary in having a successful life and results in productive activity, good relationships, the ability to adapt to changes in your environment, and also deal with any challenges. It plays an important role in having good physical health in an individual. Having good mental health is always equal to having good physical health according to the Mental Health Fact U.S. 

To improve someone’s mental health you can do several things like showing respect to their thoughts, learning more about mental health, etc. At first, you should not treat them as they are the same as other people. When people suffering from mental issues see themselves treated as an individual but not as an illness, they gradually try to improve themselves.

0Also, providing them the same opportunities as others in places like school, church and community will help them a lot. You can also support them by knowing more about their mental disorder and treating them accordingly.  

Mental Health facts you should know

Mental health awareness is held in May every year. Mental health facts the U.S states that there are few important things which every American should know. Mental health awareness is very much mandatory and clears all the misconceptions about mental disorders. Here are some of the facts about mental health are described:

People who have gone through war or any major trauma get mental illness more than other people. The rate doubles in these individuals.

People with mental issues are very much non-violent and less aggressive. There are high chances of having 3-5% of violent acts in people who have serious mental issues.

Factors like physical illness, severe injury, past trauma, abusive childhood, bad experience in past life promote in having mental disorders. 

Yoga, therapy, counseling can cure these issues in a person. You should not solely depend on prescribed medication for their betterment.  

Mental health issues cost around 200 million dollars to the U.S. in lost earnings every year. 

20% of youth have a serious mental illness. One in 10 people go through depression or have experienced a period of major stress and anxiety.

LGBTQ community are more likely to have depression twice than straight people. 


Having depression or anxiety has become very much common. Despite having severe mental health problem people is living a productive life. you can treat serious mental health issues even without medicines. Choosing the ride mode of treatment and supporting them will help these individuals to recover and have a happy life. Counselling, medication, support groups, and education are some ways to treat a mentally disordered individual. You should not feel low about yourself for your mental disorder. 

Many times, people feel scared to share about their disorder which worsens the situation. An individual suffering from bipolar disorder will feel better when he/she will share his/her condition with friends and families. At this time, friends and families should support them and make them feel better about their life. Mental health fact the U.S. says that 2.4 million adults are suffering from schizophrenia. They also go through having suicidal thoughts. Sometimes going for a long walk with your friend will also help you from having depression. 

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