PCR Covid Test | PCR Covid Test Report, Accuracy, And Result

There is various type of tests to know the existence of coronavirus in the human body, that is, rapid test, PCR Covid Test, antibody test, etc. This test detects the presence of Covid-19 so that further treatment or precautions must be taken.

Covid-19 is one o the lethal disease that is continuously spreading around the world causing thousands of deaths and infections. People are suffering very badly and fighting daily with this illness. It can create pandemic-like situations across the world.

The reason why it is deadly is that it is a viral disease and so, making an antidote to it is difficult. And, also, new strains of coronavirus show up and again start a new wave of Covid-19. Since it is a communicable disease, that’s why it is spreading very rapidly and more people are infecting.

This article contains details about the PCR Covid Test, how it is done, its accuracy, and other details.

What Is The PCR Covid Test?

PCR Covid Test stands for polymerase chain reaction test. It is done basically to test the genetic material of any special kind of organism or microbes. It generally detects the presence of the virus. Nowadays, it is used for the Covid-19 test. PCR test tests the presence of active COVID-19 causing coronavirus. It is the most accurate test and also reliable. That’s why it is titled the “gold standard” of Covid tests.

How Is The PCR Covid Test Done?

The complete process of the PCR Covid Test takes almost 2-3 days of time. It tests the genetic material of the coronavirus is present in the sample or not. The whole Procedure of the PCR Covid Test is divided into three parts. The first part is Sample collection, the second is Extraction, and the third part is PCR. The following is the full description of how is PCR Covid Test is done?

  1. The process of collecting samples includes the method of collecting a sample that is to be tested. It is collected from the nose with the help of a swab. The swab has normally a long, flexible and soft tip, which is inserted in the nose. Furthermore, it is inserted in the nostril and goes to the nasal cavity to collect the sample. The sample collected by the swab is then placed in the tube and then, for the further process, it is sent to the laboratory. 
  1. The next step is extraction. This is the first thing done when the sample reaches the laboratory. The genetic material is extracted from the sample. The separated out genetic material also contains the genetic of the virus. After extraction, the next thing is doing PCR. 
  1. There are three things used in this step, that are, a special type of chemicals and PCR machines, and a thermal cycler. The machine called thermal cycler makes millions of copies of the extracted sample. And then chemicals are added to the sample. When there is the presence of covid-19 causing coronavirus, then, fluorescent light is produced. The light is captured by the PCR machine. Thus, it is the signal for the presence of PCR Covid Test. If the light is not produced, then, the sample is free from the coronavirus. 

PCR Covid Test VS Rapid Covid Test

There are basically two types of Covid tests. These are the Diagnostic test and Antibody test. The diagnostic test is further divided into two types, which are, rapid test and PCR test. These tests are different from each other in many aspects. PCR Covid Testing is the test that tests the protein fragment of the sample and gives results within 15-20 minutes. The more detailed difference on PCR Covid Test VS Rapid Covid Test are as follows:

  • Rapid takes a look at exams the protein fragments whereas PCR takes a look at detects coronavirus from RNA samples.
  • Rapid check provide reviews in much less than an hour(usually in 15-20 minutes), whereas PCR take a look at takes at least 2-3 days of time.
  • The probabilities of error are excessive in the rapid test than the PCR test.

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PCR Covid Test Accuracy

When we talk about PCR Covid Test Accuracy, then, it is considered as the most accurate and reliable test of all. Since PCR test detects the genetic material, so, it also works on patients that show no symptoms. It is called the “gold standard” of Covid tests.

People who go for rapid tests, and even if they test negative, are advised to seek with PCR Covid Test because it is more accurate. A rapid test can be false and it is more often. But, there is very little chance of a false report in the PCR Covid Test.

A person should note one thing that PCR is a type of Covid test which tells the presence of a virus that was collected on a particular day. So, there might be chances of getting infected after giving samples. And then, you might spread viruses even if your reports are negative.

And also, if you had Covid earlier or there was the presence of coronavirus in your body, it will give a negative report. It only checks the presence of the active coronavirus. There can be one more case that a person might test positive and might recover after the test is done.

PCR Covid Test Report

PCR Covid Test can either be positive or negative. The positive report means that the person is infected with Covid causing virus. He or she must talk to a health adviser or a doctor. The person should also quarantine himself so that others are not infected. It is very necessary to follow the Covid-19 guidelines so that spread of the virus is kept controlled. The individual should undergo further treatment if needed.

The second possibility of PCR Covid Test Report is being negative. This shows that the person is not infected by the virus. But, that doesn’t mean that he would not get the infection. It oy tels the presence of the virus on the day sample was collected. It doesn’t state that you cannot get COVID-19. There are chances of getting infected by the coronavirus. So, it’s better to stay at home and stay safe.

Bio-Reference Covid Test Results Time

Bio references laboratories are the laboratories that are specially working on the solution of Covid-19. When a PCR test is done, it takes almost 2 to 3 days of time to give results. The resulting time also depends on how much time did the sample took to reach the laboratory and the number of samples is queued.

How To Read Bio-Reference Covid Results?

The final result that is highlighted as being backyard the reference vary and you marvel what that ability for you. Some lab checks grant an easy “yes” or “no” answer.

For instance, used to be the take a look at nice for the microorganism that reason strep throat? Many different tests, however, are mentioned as numbers or values. The laboratory takes a look at the consequences mentioned as numbers are now not significant with the aid of themselves. Their that means comes from evaluation to reference values.

Reference values are the values predicted for a healthful person. They are from time to time known as “normal” values. By evaluating your check outcomes with reference values, you and your healthcare issuer can see if any of your take a look at outcomes fall backyard the vary of predicted values. Values that are outdoor predicted tiers can furnish clues to assist pick out viable prerequisites or diseases.


Is PCR Covid test safe? 

Yes, the PCR Covid test is safe and secure. It is very reliable and also available free of cost in many countries. You only need to give a sample that is collected from your nostrils or mucus or saliva.

Is the PCR test 100% accurate?

Yes, if the test is performed correctly, then, it is merely close to 100 percent accuracy. If a person tests positive, then, it is very little chance that the report is false. There is very less doubt on the results of the PCR Covid test.

Can the intake of COVID-19 vaccines cause the results of PCR to test positive?

No, taking COVID-19 vaccines will not make the results of PCR Covid test positive. It is because it tests the active presence of the virus not the immune of a particular virus.

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