Phobia – Cause / Symptom / Types / Treatment


The last stage of any of your fears is called PHOBIA. Phobia derives from the Greek word “Phobos”. It means horror.

What is Phobia?

Who does not feel afraid? Everyone is scared of something or the other thing or we can say that fear is inside us. When a person is afraid of hearing and seeing any name, place, animal, person, insect and other thing.

Then we can call that situation phobia or when fear increase more than necessary, it takes the form of a serious mental disorder, this is called Phobia.

Cause Of phobia

Phobia can occur for many reasons.

 It has some:

  1. Due to genetic and environmental factors, you can also fall prey to phobia.
  2. If a family member has an anxiety disorder, then at such places you can become a victim of phobia.
  3. Sometimes stressful events can also lead to a phobia. Like the death of someone and any accident etc.
  4. Even after brain surgery, many people may have strange phobias.
  5. People getting treatment for certain medical problems can also be a victim of phobia
  6. Sometimes, excessive rebuke and depression can also result in phobias.
  7. Sometimes the fear of narrow places and high places can also take the form of a phobia.

Symptoms of phobia

There are many symptoms that can indicate phobia.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Heart pain or panic button
  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Sweating profusely
  • Dry mouth
  • Not to speak or able to speak fast
  • Having trouble breathing
  • Heartbeat increases very fast
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Shivering in the extremities
  • Increased blood pressure

Types Of Phobia

As we know phobia is that dreadful form of anything after which a person can take own our someone else’s life. And all these terrible fears can be caused by anything. So there are many types of phobias.

There are some common and some specific ones.

Here is some common phobias name:

  • Fear of heights: Acrophobia
  • Fear of flying: Aerophobia
  • Fear of spider: Arachnophobia
  • Fear of thunder & lighting: Astraphobia
  • Fear of being alone: Autophobia
  • Fear of confined or crowded spaces: Claustrophobia
  • Fear of blood: Hemophobia
  • Fear of water: Hydrophobia
  • Fear of snake: Ophidiophobia
  • Fear of animals: Zoophobia
  • Fear of injection: Trypanophobia
  • Fear of darkness: Nyctophobia
  • Fear of dogs: Cyanophobia
  • Fear of germs: Mysophobia

Some names of specific phobias:

  • Fear of ice or cold: Cryophobia
  • Fear of beards: Pogonophobia
  • Fear of clouds: Nephophobia
  • Fear of names: Onomatophobia
  • Fear of chicken: Alektorophobia

Now here is some other phobias list. Which affect a lot of people?

  • Fear of reading a car: Amaxophobia
  • Fear of men: Androphobia
  • Fear of flowers: Anthophobia
  • Fear of being touch: Aphenphosmphobia
  • Fear of numbers: Airthmophobia
  • Fear of failure: Atychiphobia
  • Fear of books: Bibliophobia
  • Fear of bacteria: Bacteriophobia
  • Fear of clocks: Chronomentrophobia
  • Fear of colors: Chromophobia
  • Fear of mirrors: Catoptrophobia
  • Fear of accidents: Dystichiphobia
  • Fear of trees: Dendrophobia
  • Fear of cats: Elurophobia
  • Fear of insects: entomophobia
  • Fear of marriage: Gamophobia
  • Fear of speaking in public: Glossophobia
  • Fear of women: Gynophobia
  • Fear of sun: Heliophobia
  • Fear of doctors: Iatrophobia
  • Fear of rooms full of people: Koinoniphobia
  • Fear of cooking: Mageirocophobia
  • Fear of dirt and germs: Myrophobia
  • Fear of death or dead things: Necrophobia
  • Fear of the night: Noctiphobia
  • Fear of gaining weight: Obesophobia
  • Fear of love: Philophobia
  • Fear of children: Pedophobia
  • Fear of fine: Pyrophobia
  • Fear of school: Scolionophobia
  • Fear of sleep: Somniphobia
  • Fear of speed: Tachophobia
  • Fear of strangers: Xenophobia
Treatment Of Phobia

As we know every ailment has some treatment similarly there are some special treatments for people suffering from phobias. Which are we follows?

  1. Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy is the best option for any person surfing from a phobia. Cause a Psychiatrist knows how to remove one’s fear from inside.

There are two effective treatments in Psychotherapy.

  1. Medication: Medication is also very beneficial for treating phobias. Sometimes medications can help reduce the panic symptoms and the anxiety, Your experience from thinking about exposed to the situation you fear such as.
  • Sedatives: It helps you relax by reducing the amount of anxiety you feel.
  • Beta-blockers: It helps to stimulating effects of adrenaline.
  1. Supporting: Support is a big part of out of fear of becoming a prisoner.
  • Reach out: Stay connected with your supporters.
  • Try out to avoid feared situations.
  • Try to be physically active or take care of yourself.

Now If you have a parent then you must take care of your child.

  • Don’t reinforce species phobia.
  • Model positive behavior.
  • Talk openly about fear.
  1. Home remedies and lifestyle: According to doctors home remedies and lifestyle can be a very good treatment for phobia suffered people. It this treatment doctors gives some suggestion to do at your daily lifestyle or for home remedies.
  • Physical activities and exercise.
  • Relaxant techniques.
  • Mindfulness strategies.

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