Rabies Vaccine for Humans

The use of the Rabies Vaccine for Humans is to prevent rabies. It is the disease of animals. However, if any animal suffering from rabies bites a person, that person is infected with rabies. 

  • In the United States, human rabies condition is the rarest one. Most common sources through which human rabies infection can happen include foxes, raccoons, and skunks. 
  • Rabies is becoming the most common disease in the world. Dogs have been considered the common source for carrying rabies. Every year many people lost their lives after suffering from rabies. The unvaccinated dogs bite them, and then the infection of human rabies spread to the people. 

Information About Rabies Virus And Rabies Vaccine For Humans

The nervous of the human being is infected due to rabies. A person suffering from rabies may not face any symptoms initially. After a few weeks or months, a person infected with rabies will start feeling weakness, discomfort, headache, or fever.

Soon, the disease progress, the person may feel odd things like abnormal behavior, hallucination, insomnia, and delirium. Human rabies is a fatal disease if the person does get proper medical care on time.

 You can prevent rabies by vaccinating your pets. Try to stay away from the wildlife as much you can. However, you may infect with human rabies then, immediately consult the doctor and seek medical care. 

Why is it essential to take the rabies vaccine for humans?

People are at high risk of rabies to protect their lives from this infectious virus. Pre-exposure rabies vaccination is given to that group of people that may struggle with the high rabies risk.

The group of the people includes:

  • The people are living in caves (spelunkers). 
  • Animal handlers, veterinary students, and veterinarians 
  • People are working with the live vaccine at the time to produce the rabies vaccine. 
  • Laboratory workers 

Pre-exposure rabies vaccine for humans is essential for those:

  • People involved in the activities come in frequent contact with the rabies-infected animals. 
  • On the other hand, international travelers visit different countries in the world. They may encounter the animals that commonly spread rabies in the people. Therefore, it becomes essential for them to take the pre-exposure rabies vaccination. 

Three pre-exposure rabies vaccines for humans have been given to people to protect them from human rabies. Additionally, the people repeatedly exposed to rabies then, they should visit the lab for a regular checkup of their immunity. Consult the doctor to get the booster doses for improving your immunity. 

However, the rabies vaccine can prevent the spread of the rabies virus in the human body. It can happen only when the infected person visits the doctor immediately to take the human rabies vaccine. An animal suspected to suffer from rabies had bitten any person.

Then, that person should immediately do the first aid, clean the wound, and after that visit the doctor’s clinic for consultation. The healthcare provider will ask you regarding your history of exposure to the rabies virus. In addition to this, have you taken pre-exposure rabies or not? 

For post-exposure protection rabies vaccine for humans

  • The person did not take the pre-exposure rabies vaccine in the past. Still, they are exposed to the rabies virus frequently. In such a situation, the person needs to take the four shots of the rabies vaccination. Moreover, the person is advised to get another shot of rabies immune globulin (RIG). 
  • In the past, the person had taken two doses of the human rabies vaccine. There is no need to take the rabies immune globulin (RIG). 

Do you have any doubts regarding the vaccination? In this condition, you can consult with your doctor about it. 

List of things to consider before taking the human rabies vaccination 

It would help if you discussed several things with your doctor before taking the shot of the human rabies vaccination. 

  • Earlier, you took one shot of the rabies vaccination. You faced any allergic reaction from the vaccine. Tell your doctor about it. It could become a serious issue regarding your health. 
  • People with a weak immune system should take the doctor’s consultation. 

There are cases in which the doctor will decide to postpone the rabies vaccination in the future. It could happen due to the non-exposure to the rabies virus in that person

The person struggling with a minor illness and cold can take the vaccine. On the other hand, moderately or severely ill people can take the vaccine after recovering from the disease. 

Still, you have been exposed to the rabies virus; take the vaccine shot immediately regardless of the medical condition, breastfeeding, pregnancy, and concurrent illness. You have any doubts in your mind about the vaccination consult the doctor urgently. 

Know about the allergic reactions that happen after taking rabies vaccine for humans

You visit the doctor to take the rabies vaccine for humans. Therefore, you should know about allergic reactions.

  • After taking rabies vaccination, you may suffer from soreness, redness, swelling, or itchiness on the injection site. Dizziness, headache, nausea, muscle ache, and abdominal pain can happen to take the human rabies vaccine. 
  • Only some people suffer from Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) nervous disorder after taking the vaccine. It happens only in a small group of people. Therefore, the nervous condition occurs in people rarely at the time of taking rabies.
  • At the time of the medical procedure, the people faint. It would help if you told your doctor when you feel dizziness, blurred vision, or ringing in your ears before vaccination. The doctor may decide to postpone the vaccine in the future. 

People could face specific severe allergic reactions that include severe injuries or death. Apart from that, an allergic reaction can occur when you are in the clinic after taking the vaccine or after coming out from the clinic. You see signs in your body like face swelling, difficulty in breathing, increased heartbeat, weakness, or dizziness. Then, immediately visit the doctor to get the medical care on time. Delay can affect your health. 


How long the rabies vaccination does last in the human body?

The rabies vaccination lasts in the human body from six months to two years of duration. During that time, people can stay safe from the rabies virus. The travelers should take the pre-exposure rabies vaccine on the recommendation of the doctor. Post-exposure rabies vaccine protects the human body from the rabies virus for six months. 

Can pregnant women get the rabies vaccine?

Pregnant women can take the rabies vaccine. However, the case is of fetal abnormalities. Then, the doctor will recommend that the female not take the rabies vaccine in the pregnancy condition. On the other hand, no cases have reported that pregnant women suffered from any health issues after taking the vaccine. In some instances, if it is necessary to take the vaccination, you can take the pre-exposure rabies vaccine after taking the doctor’s consultation. 

Who should not get the rabies vaccine for humans?

Human beings are mildly and severely ill-advised not to take the vaccine before recovering from their illness. They need to take the doctor consultation after recovering from the disease then take rabies vaccine to stay away from the rabies virus. You face any doubts regarding the vaccination procedure and then contact your doctor immediately. 

Who should allow taking the rabies vaccine for humans?

The group of people with high exposure to the rabies virus working as vets should take the rabies vaccine immediately. The people belonging to such occupational groups include veterinarian staff, animal handlers, international researchers, laboratory workers, and rabies researchers. International travelers are advised to take the vaccine as they travel to a different location. Dog rabies is common worldwide; therefore, the people who travel frequently should take the rabies vaccine. In some places, they may get limited access to medical facilities. 

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