What Is A Rapid Covid Testing? | Rapid Covid-19 Tests Types

Covid is spreading rapidly and due to this, a large population of people is being infected on daily basis. This article, Rapid Covid Testing has been explained.

Life has changed very drastically in few decades. We are living in the modern age. New technologies are being developed, and lifestyle is changing very rapidly. With the increase in population and technologies, there are many demerits too. Coronavirus is one of them. Coronavirus has killed many people in very little time.

This disease is spreading with exponential speed and infecting many lives daily. To control the spread of coronavirus, the very first is conducting Covid-19 tests. Symptoms of Covid-19 are very normal and common. For this, it is very important that how to boost our immune system. Rapid Covid Testing does know the number of people infected to provide them basic medical cures.

Types of Covid-19 Tests

It is very important to know who is infected by a coronavirus. There are different types of tests available that can tell whether a person is infected or not. Scientists have developed a new testing process, which is now widely used. There are mostly two types of Covid-19 test, i.e., Antigen test or Rapid Covid Testing and PCR test.

  • PCR Covid Test: PCR test is one of the most accurate Covid-19 tests. In this test, the RNA or the generic material that is specific to coronavirus is being tested. This test also detects the presence of coronavirus in persons who have no symptoms. This test can be performed in hospitals, clinics, or doctor’s offices.

PCR test can also be done by driving through testing, which is also termed as CVS Covid Testing in the US. It is more accurate than rapid tests. The only disadvantage of the PCR test is that it takes almost 2-3 days. The result is available in a minimum of 2-3 days of time.

  • Antigen Test or Rapid Covid-19 Test: Antigen tests are also known as Rapid tests. This test can be conducted in small clinics, doctor’s labs, or doctor’s offices. In this test, protein fragments that are specific to coronavirus are detected. These tests are easy to perform. The results of this test are given in very little time. Sporadically, it takes only 15 minutes to give results.
  • FDA Covid Test: FDA is a federal system in the US, that looks after the Department of Health and Human Services. FDA works manage the public health condition, human and veterinary drugs, by looking after medical services, biological products, etc.

Advantages of rapid Covid-19 testing

Rapid Covid Testing is a very common and popular test. This test basically tests the protein fragments from the sample provided by patients. There are many advantages of rapid Covid testing which are as follows:

  • Rapid Covid Testing provides results within 15 minutes instead of taking 2-3 days of time.
  • These tests’ lab are portable and can be easily set up anywhere.
  • These tests are cheaper in price than lab tests or PCR tests.
  • Rapid Covid-19 testing do not require any particular specialist or technician.

Disadvantages of Rapid Covid Testing

Rapid Covid-19 testing has also some demerits when compared to lab tests. Some of them are as follows:

  • These tests are not so accurate.
  • The chances of false reports is very high.
  • It can’t detect the presence of coronavirus in non-symptomatic patients.

Accuracy In Rapid Covid testing

  • Rapid Covid-19 testing are very common type of testing techniques, but when it comes to accuracy, it is not so good. Results of rapid Covid testing are available in less than an hour, but it is not so accurate. The chances of false report are more in rapid Covid-19 testing than lab tests. There can be two possibilities, that are, test results can be false negative or false positive report.
  • If the test results are negative and false, that the person test results is negative but he or she might have chances of being infected from coronavirus. The persons have possibility of 50% for getting infected from non-symptomatic coronavirus. The chances of this type of errors are high.
  • The second possibilities is getting false positive report. In this case, the test results show positive, but the person might not be infected from coronavirus. The chances of this type of errors is quite very low.
  • If you feel unsatisfied from the test results performed by antigen test, then, go and have a PCR test done. PCR tests are more accurate and can test non-symptomatic patients too.

How is rapid covid testing performed?

The procedure for Rapid Covid-19 testing is simple. This test doesn’t need any specialist to perform. The complete process of conducting Rapid Covid Testing is explained below:

  • During this rapid Covid-19 testing, the medical staff will insert a cotton swab in your throat or nose or in both places to collect the sample of mucus or cells.
  • This collected samples is then tested by applying on a strip.
  • The color of the strip changes when the sample is tested positive.
  • The result of the test is available within 15 to 20 minutes of the test.

Difference Between rapid and PCR Covid-19 tests

There are three basic differences between rapid Covid-19 test and PCR Test, which are as follows:

  • Rapid test checks the protein fragments whereas PCR test detects coronavirus from RNA samples.
  • Rapid test give reports in less than hour, whereas PCR test takes at least 2-3 days of time.
  • The chances of error are high in rapid Covid-19 testing than PCR test.
How to prevent Covid-19 spreads?

Coronavirus is spreading very rapidly and so the life of people are risking the Long-Term Effects Of Covid-19. It is essential to control the spread of coronavirus to remove this disease. We, as responsible citizens, can do a lot to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Following the government guidelines and some rules, we can stop coronavirus spread. Things we can do are as follows:

  • Wear your mask when you are outside.
  • Maintain social distancing when you are outdoor.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water on regular interval.
  • Use hand sanitizers.
  • Always prevent touching your nose, mouth, eyes with unwashed hands.
  • Cover yourself when you are sneezing.
  • Stay home when you feel like sick.
  • If you observe any symptoms of Covid-19, then, go and have Covid-19 test done immediately.


What are the other names for rapid Covid-19 testing?

Rapid Covid-19 testing is also known as antigen test or point of care test. These tests are very common and easily accessible to everyone. In this type of test, protein fragments are checked for the presence of coronavirus.

Where can a rapid Covid-19 test be performed?

These types of tests can be performed in small clinics, labs, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, drive-through testing sites, etc. Test labs for rapid tests are portable and can be easily conducted.

What are the symptoms of Covid-19, and when should a person take the Covid-19 test?

The basic symptoms of Covid-19 are normal fever, cough, cold sneeze, body pain headache, and kidney failure, etc. In some cases, the patient can show no symptoms. If your body starts showing these basic symptoms, take a Covid-19 test immediately.

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