Side Effects Of Obesity | How Does Obesity Harms The Body?

According to the World Health Organization, every sixth person is obese and every year about 2.8 million people die due to obesity. Today obesity itself is a mine of diseases. Let’s talk about the Side Effects Of Obesity.

Obesity is the root cause of most diseases. People with obesity can have serious problems. Obesity affects almost every part of the body, comprising the brain, blood vessels, heart, liver, gallbladder, bones, and joints.

As we have mentioned, obesity invites many diseases. Despite this, most of us ignore the increasing obesity. Weight increases, but do not control their diet. Due to this, cholesterol, blood sugar levels all start increasing in the body. In this way, obesity can make all the parts of your body sick from the inside.

Rapid urbanization coupled with a hectic lifestyle is also the main factor for the rising levels of obesity. According to the WHO, around one billion 200 million people worldwide are in the category of obese people. Let’s see what are the side effects of obesity on the body.

What are the side effects of obesity on the body?

  1. Increase the risk of stroke. Obesity causes high blood pressure in the body, which increases your chances of having a stroke to a great extent.
  1. Obesity also has a bad effect on mental health. This can lead to depression, as well as problems related to body image, an inferiority complex.
  1. Due to obesity, you are at risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, and increased blood sugar, due to which the arteries gradually start hardening, due to which the chances of heart attack increase to a great extent.
  1. Obesity causes the airways of the lungs to narrow or become smaller, which can trigger the problem of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is characterized by shortness of breath during the night while sleeping or sometimes it may feel like breathing for a few seconds.
  1. Due to the accumulation of excess fat in the body, when unable to do its work properly. When fat accumulates around the liver, there is a lot of damage to the liver. It also increases the risk of liver failure.
  1. Many types of research have shown that obesity increases the risk of many types of cancer like liver, kidney, colon, pancreatic, etc.
  1. Being overweight puts pressure on your joints, which can lead to joint pain and stiffness. Along with this, it also damages the muscle mass and bone density, due to which there is a risk of biotypes of research.
  1. So far it has been said in many types of research that being overweight or obese can give you diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. Obesity can make your body resistant to insulin, which leads to high blood sugar levels in the body.  It can increase the chances of getting type 2 diabetes to a great extent.

Obesity is the root cause of these deadly diseases

The main reason for the problem of obesity or being overweight is lifestyle changes. With the increasing trend of culture, sugar, cholesterol, and fat accumulate in the body.  Because of these, many life-threatening and serious problems are being born in the people.

Heart diseases

Due to obesity, the cause of heart diseases increases. Due to the accumulation of fat in the arteries, the blood flow is not able to flow properly, due to which there is a risk of heart attack and heart failure.

Blood pressure

With the increase in weight, the blood pressure also increases. Due to obesity, there is pressure on the blood vessels and due to the presence of cholesterol and fat in the blood, they do not flow well in the veins, due to which the person starts feeling nerve effects.


Fat in the body also affects the brain. Due to the accumulation of fat in the veins of the brain, the flow of blood stops or clots form, due to which the person suddenly becomes unconscious, Sometimes due to this, the brain’s vein bursts and the person also dies.

Type 2 Diabetes

In type 2 diabetes, the body does not use insulin properly. At first, the pancreas makes a large amount of insulin, but later over time the insulin stops making and due to this the blood sugar level rises very much which is very difficult to control. In this condition, the person feels more thirsty and there are problems like frequent urination and constant hunger.


Due to the increased pressure on the joints of the body due to excess weight, the bones become weak and arthritis occurs. Due to this, there is a complaint of pain in the joints, knees, waist, and back.

Sleep Apnea

In sleep apnea, breathing is difficult while sleeping at night. Due to obesity and the accumulation of fat around the throat, there is pressure on the breathing tubes, which leads to the risk of sleep apnea. Because of this people even die.

Side Effects of obesity in children

Nowadays, many children living in cities are falling prey to obesity. Among other reasons, the lack of physical activity and excessive consumption of junk food is also increasing obesity in children. This can cause Genetic And Hormonal Of Childhood Obesity

In such a situation, it is necessary to implement some things to protect children from obesity. Obesity in children is becoming a serious problem. This is serious because it increases the risk of children becoming vulnerable to diseases that were previously considered to be diseases of adults, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Due to obesity, the risk of children becoming depressed also increases. Obesity not only affects the physical and mental health of children but also affects their physical and emotional development.

Child obesity is spreading like an epidemic.  Nowadays the physical activity of children is almost finished or very less. There are no open spaces to play, the growth of flat culture, the use of TVs, video games, mobiles, computers, and the increasing burden of studies have imprisoned the children.

Changing lifestyles has also changed the way of eating, children are consuming excessive calories in the form of fast food instead of quality food, but they are not able to digest it properly and this is directly related to weight gain.

Cholesterol levels start to rise from childhood by eating too much fat. Increased salt intake increases the risk of developing high blood pressure at a young age.

Side Effects Of Obesity On Women’s Health

Women are more affected by obesity than men. The effect of obesity on men is only physical, but women have to suffer both physically and mentally. Overweight women are more prone to heart disease. But this is nothing, bigger problems can be caused by obesity.

The problem of irregular menstruation starts in fat girls from a young age. As they get older, they become more prone to infertility problems. The consequences of the polycystic ovary and hormonal imbalance are visible among women at an early age, due to which they have the problem of infertility as they get older.

Obesity also affects the mind of women, as they are always stressed and they always go into depression. Along with this, it is common for the feet to crack, joint pain, and stretch marks on the skin.

Here are some side effects of obesity on women’s health, which you can read and find out how obesity affects the body and mind.

Irregular periods

Irregular periods can be a result of too much fat accumulation around the uterus. It is very common among teenagers who eat a lot of junk food. 

The problem of heart attack

It is a completely wrong belief that women are at much less risk of heart attack than men. If you are fat you will always be at risk of it.

High BP

When cholesterol accumulates in the blood vessel, then the problem of high BP starts. 


The joints are not able to bear the heavy weight of the body, then the lump gets swollen and the symptoms of gout disease start. 

Cracked ends

When the weight of the body increases, then its pressure comes down on the heels, due to which the pain in the feet also increases. 


Polycystic ovary occurs only when you eat toxically. In this problem, periods do not happen properly and in some cases, infertility occurs. Infertility Hormones do not work normally in men, so the symptoms of infertility are visible. 

Stretch marks

Due to obesity, the body starts spreading and the skin staring, due to which the stretch marks are visible.


However, with a little understanding of the side effects of obesity, you can keep this problem under control. For this you have to do exercise, dieting every day. You have to decide that you will do everything possible to control your increasing weight.

Whatever, decision you take, you will follow it. For this, you need to have motivation in you. Unless you are motivated, it will be very challenging for you to lose weight. How much weight you can lose in how much time depends on your level of motivation.


How to reduce obesity as soon as possible?

1. Get up in the morning and go for a walk and exercise.
2. Meals should be taken two hours before going to bed.
3. Dinner should be light and easy to digest.
4. Eat a balanced and low-fat diet.
5. Include nutrients in the diet plan for weight loss.

What is obesity? 

When a person accumulates more fat on his body, which affects his health, then that condition is called obesity. Obesity is mainly measured based on body mass index, the fat present on the waist, legs-arms, etc.

What are the causes of obesity?

Obesity is mainly the result of overeating and lack of physical activity. Apart from this, it can also be the result of suffering from some disease, genetic cause.

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