Symptoms Of Phyllodes Tumor / Cause / Treatment

This is the most important less common part of cancer. In this topic we know about Symptoms Of Phyllodes Tumor.

  • A lump on the breast
  • Varying size of breast as normal size of breast
  • Tumor or lumps usually not painful
  • When breast touching or pushing that areola can breast skin will be blue

Cause Of Phyllodes Tumor

Phyllodes tumor may caused by several factors

If you have any injury on your breast. Breast feeding is also a may cause of phyllodes tumor.

During pregnancy may occur this disease.

It also may be increased levels of estrogen or a female hormone.

Test and treatment

  1. Imagining

   a. Mammogram

   b. ultrasound

   c. MRI scan

   d. biopsy

  1. Lumpectomy
  1. Mastectomy

a. Partial mastectomy

b. Total mastectomy

  1. Radiation
  1. Chemo therapy

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