Symptoms Of Phyllodes Tumor

This is the most important less common part of cancer. In this topic, we know about Symptoms Of Phyllodes Tumor.

  • A lump on the breast
  • The varying size of the breast as a normal size of the breast
  • Tumor or lumps usually not painful
  • When breast touching or pushing that areola can breast skin will be blue

Cause And Symptoms Of Phyllodes Tumor

Phyllodes tumour may be caused by several factors.

  • If you have any injury on your breast. Breastfeeding is also a may cause of phyllodes tumor.
  • During pregnancy may occur this disease.
  • It also may be increased levels of estrogen or a female hormone.

Test And Treatment Of Phyllodes Tumor

  1. Imagining
  •   Mammogram
  •   Ultrasound
  •   MRI scan
  •   Biopsy
  1. Lumpectomy
  1. Mastectomy
  • Partial mastectomy
  • Total mastectomy
  1. Radiation
  1. Chemo therapy

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