Symptoms Of Thyroid Disease

The thyroid is a small organ that is present in our throat. In this topic, we talk about Symptoms Of thyroid disease, Its Cause, and Treatment.

What is Thyroid disease?

It is a gland that is wrapped around the trachea (Windpipe) present in our throat. As we know many glands are found in our body, among them is also a thyroid gland.

The thyroid is produced in our body due to hormones, which is called thyroid hormone. If the thyroid gland is not able to produce the right amount of thyroid hormones, then we fall prey to many serious diseases.

And this condition is called thyroid disease.

What Are The Symptoms Of Thyroid Disease?

If you suffer from thyroid disease then some Symptoms Of Thyroid Disease are seen which are as follows:

  • Suddenly your body will swell or you will see more weight.
  • Your skin will look pale and dry.
  • Your body’s muscles will start feeling weak.
  • Feel Very Tired
  • You will also start complaining of constipation.
  • Feel Joint and muscle pain.
  • Feel cold compared to normal people.
  • Feel sad and depressed.

These are some Symptoms Of Thyroid Disease.

Types Of Thyroid

In general, we divide the thyroid into two parts.

  • One that is caused by excess of thyroid hormone. And the second one is caused by the lack of thyroid hormones.
  • The first condition is called Hyperthyroidism and second is called Hypothyroidism.

Causes Of Thyroid

There can be many causes for getting thyroid disease, like:

  • Excess of thyroid hormones called Hyperthyroidism
  • Lack of thyroid hormones called hypothyroidism.

Symptoms and prevention of hyperthyroidism

We know that hyperthyroidism occurs due to excess thyroid hormones. Now we will know about the Symptoms Of Thyroid Disease.

  • You may suffer from goiter disease.
  • You have a problem with too much heat.
  • People also get symptoms of nervousness and anxiety.
  • Many people suddenly lose weight.
  • The problems of too much fatigue and weakness also troubles.
  • Symptoms of rapid heartbeat in some people also occur.
  • Many people also get symptoms of frequent bowel movements.
  • Many times in women, there is also the problem of menstrual cycle obstruction or not functioning properly.
  • Many people also see hair loss problems.
  • There is also the problem of poor sleep or lack of sleep.
  • Many people have very thin skin.
  • Many people’s fingers are clingy or do not work properly.

Now we know that hypothyroidism occurs due to a lack of thyroid hormones. Now we will know about its symptoms.

Symptoms For Thyroid Disease
  • You may also suffer from goiter disease.
  • Many times in women, there is also the problem of more bleeding than normal in menstruation.
  • Many people feel very tired.
  • You have a problem with too much cold.
  • Many people suddenly gain weight.
  • Having High Cholesterol.
  • Many people feel joint and muscle pain.
  • Some people faced with swollen faces.
  • Many people faced constipation.
  •  Some people start having problems with voice or hoarseness.
  • Symptoms of low heartbeat in some people also occur.
  • Many people also see hair loss problems.
  • Some people faced with dry skin.

Now we are coming up to hyperthyroid prevention

We must first know that hyperthyroid has become a genetic disease that can pass from one generation to another. But we can reduce to with the help of a doctor and the right food.


  • We should take fresh fruits or fruit juice.
  • Sufficient quantity of water
  • Should to make lemonade.
  • You also should take vegetable oils.
  • Tea or coffee lover should take it in the right quantity. Must it be black?
  • You must take non-iodized salt.
  • For egg, the lover should take only the white egg part.
  • Herbs and spices also a good thing for this.
  • Beer or wine lover take it in a sufficient quantity.

For hypothyroid:

As we know, hypothyroidism thyroid is caused by deficiency of hormone which we can reduce. Or controlled with regular medications and follow-up appointments.


  • If you have symptoms of hypothyroid you should take iodized salt.
  • Also should take iron supplement food.
  • You should take a diet containing multivitamins.
  • You should include vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, etc in your diet. All these should be taken on the advice of doctors.
  • You can also include things mode from soy in your diet. This can help prevent the absorption of thyroxine in the body.


The thyroid is a disease that can also cause death, so make sure to have your checkup done soon after its symptoms are seen. And take any medicine or diet on the advice of your doctor.

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