Symptoms Of Angio Sarcoma

Symptoms Of Angio Sarcoma

This is the most important less common part of cancer. In this topic we know about Symptoms Of Angio Sarcoma.

A lesion that may bleed when seratched or bumped.

  • Swelling in the surrounding skin of the breast.
  • A raised, purplish area of skin that looks like a bruise.
  • A bruise-like lesion that grows larger over time.

Cause Of Angio Sarcoma

As doctors say due to any injury or injury incident, the calls start breaking, and extra volume increase around the nipple and areola.

The mutation tells the cell to grow quickly, making more abnormal cells. The abnormal cells continue living when other cells would die.

Test and treatment Of Angio Sarcoma

  1. Surgery
  2. Radiation therapy

2.1 High energy beams

2.2 X-rays

  1. Chemo therapy

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