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Lower Back Pain Right Side Above Hip

Lower Back Pain Right Side

Whenever the lower back pain is on the right side, then we have to face many problems, we can’t do any other work properly.

Where as it is not an oral disease. There is a lot of reason to have a back pain like sometimes we lift very heavy stuff due to which the pain starts.

The lower back pain makes us suddenly whether the lower back pain right side or left side.

According to the American chiropractic association, about 80% people in the US have a back pain problems and they treat more than $50 billion.

Lower back pain is very painful and their symptoms are..

  1. Weakness in your legs
  2. Loss of bladder
  3. Bowel control

When you feel these symptoms. You should worry about it And go to doctors checkup. Sometime lower back pain is very dangerous. Once in a while back pain is a warning sign of cancer and infection or other scary disease.

Over the age of 55, it turn to be fracture and forbidding simply this article explains the difference between dangerous and only painful lower back pain.

We need to fear since Four to five back pain points to common that when there is a severe back pain, it 90% change to go back in six months or, better then much. But some back pain could be associated with spinal cord damage.

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Why Do I Have lower Back Pain In My Right Side ?

There are many reasons to have a back pain, sometimes it starts suddenly, sometimes it arises very slowly.

  1. Muscle strains
  2. Sit for too long
  3. Sleep incorrectly
  4. Heavy lifting
  5. Sudden strange movement
  6. Doing wrong exercise

According to the national institute of Neurological Disorders and stroke (NINDS), 80% of adult experience back pain and some points in their body. Their treatment is depending in your severity of your conditions.

Upper Back And Neck Pain

What Causes Lower Back Pain Just Above The Buttocks ?

When sometime injures or puts pressure on the side nerve, it can cause pain in the lower back that spreads to the buttocks, leg, hip, etc.

When you not attention to about your buttocks then buttocks problem are hurt you, but you will notice when buttocks problem starts hurts your buttocks are mainly composed of fats and gluteus muscle but they can prone to injury and disease.

Some cause of pain in the buttocks we go to the consult doctor, but some buttocks pain minor muscle strains to infections. Some buttocks pain symptoms like these..

  1. Weakness in your leg.
  2. A fever of 104° (40° c) or higher.
  3. When you walking then pain your legs and you walk few time.
  4. Sharp pain.

How Can We Tell Back Pain From Kidney Pain ?

Kidney pain cause more pain then back pain. Kidney pain can be felt at half back after back pain, towards the bottom. Kidney pain is discomfort you.

You feel it in your side, back, and belly. But pain of these areas is not always kidney problems. But there are some differences in kidney pain and back pain and their location. Such difference between kidney pain and back pain.

Kidney PainBack Pain
1.Reduced amount of urine.Not sleeping properly due to back pain
2.Vomiting and when we pee.Body-aches and Tiredness
3.Blood in urineUnable to lean forward
4.Pain in your chestAlso trouble and pain in muscle

How To Relieve Lower Back Pain Right Side ?

According to the doctors to effective ways to relieve lower back pain right side. Treatment your lower back pain relief is simple to hard and depends on how long you have been in pain or the severity of your pain or the location of your pain.

  1. Wear supportive shoes.
  2. Do gentle stretches and exercise.
  3. Ask doctors for prescription medications.
  4. Pay attention to physical therapy.
  5. Skip the sit – ups and avoid leg hits.
  6. Hamstring stretches.
  7. Wall sits and bird dogs exercise.
  8. Carefully for weight lifting.
  9. Aerobic exercises.
  10. Apply cold and heat therapy.


Question :- How do I know if my hip pain is serious?

Answer :- Many kind of hip pain, some cases patient can describe and some cases patient does not know about his hip pain and some patient realize their pain after an accident.

When your hip suddenly swells or you are not able to put weight on your leg. All these are the symptoms of your hip pain. We should go the doctors when we feel all these symptoms.

Question :- When should I go to the doctor for groin pain?

Answer :- Sever groin pain When not cured with home remedies, then we should go the doctor for grain pain.

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Back Pain When Sneezing

Back Pain When Sneezing

Have you ever seen anyone sneezing due to which people definitely looks towards him/her? This happens when a person sneezing quite loudly. In this way, sneezing is a normal activity, but sometimes people have problem with back pain when sneezing.

A story sneezing cause involuntary muscle contraction and its pressure is so strong that the working cushion in the middle of the spinal cord can be damaged.

Vigorous sneezing cause spinal instability. Due to such vigorous sneezing, there is a lot of pain in the back.

A strong sneezing can cause also your sharp upper back pain and sharp lower back pain.

Impassioned sneezing may increase back pain due to prior injury. Apart from this, cause of a loud sneeze some people may also have a disease like hernia.

Slip disc can also be caused by the vigorous sneezing that shakes the body. Sometimes, paralysis can also occur in the limbs due to sneezing

Sneezing Effect

A sneeze is progress in which air escapes the nose and mouth rapidly. It is a progress an excretory system to pass through the nose and throat which is completely involuntary.

  • Sneezing effect our entire body.
  • Sneezing can also cause cold or seasonal allergies.
  • Sneeze comes out at a speed of around 160. If we try to stop it, it affects our ears. And we stop listening.
  • This can cause Herniate to have a weak spinal cord.
  • Sneezing can also be a problem with your slip disc.
  • Sneezing can also pose a risk of hernia like illness.
  • Paralysis of any limb can occur in many rare case by sneezing.
  • Sneezing can also cause problems in your vertebral compression fractures.

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Upper Back And Neck Pain

Upper Back And Neck Pain

A person is always troubled by his or her internal reason As the upper back and neck pain. Because of this our body is unable to work properly.

Someone pain is always harmful we can’t do any work. we don’t fell like doing anything.

It does not allow your body to grow. you can’t focus on this work you want to do. because of this you are always going to the doctors.

Cause Of Upper Neck And Back Pain

These are many reason of this pains.

  • first of all smoking is very dangerous and this is the main reason because smoking has become our habit.
  • When we are overweight because of this the neck pain starts.
  • When we exercise somethings we posture wrong. so the pain starts.
  • Sometimes when we lift some heavy goods,then too much pain happens.
  • If we fall while playing, this is also the reason for pain.
  • At bedtime, it we take high pillow at the bottom of the head then the pain beings.
  • When we lie down and watch T.V or craning your neck and read and saw mobile then pain starts.

Relief And Prevention

you can fix it at home if you want when your stiff neck then first of all you heat the water and heat your neck. do this at least 3 times a day.

After that you take an ointiment from the medical store and apply it.

Or, you take a small piece of stone and heat it as much as you can, after that you war it in a cloth. afterthat you can heat your neck and soulder. do this at least 2 times a day.

This will provide relief to your back of neck and shoulder.

After this, if it is not cured, then you can show it to the doctor.

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Exercise For Upper Back Pain

As we all know that exercise is a medium through which every disease can be cured if we do eat on a daily basis.

As always it is seen that the body of the people who exercise is always feet, who are always on the move. They do something for themselves.

So we all must exercise according to the time on daily basis.

If you neck muscle is stretched or you have lower back pain then this exercise will be right for you and will soon relive Your back neck.

  • Chair rotation
  • Cat cow pose
  • Overhead arm reach
  • Knee to chest

If you do all these exercise in the neck pain then you will never have to go to the doctors.

You can treat any of your disease by exercising at your home provided that you have the right information.

An exercise protects you from serer neck pain and serious illnesses.

People who go on dieting often exercise to maintain their fitness.  

If you do the method motioned above then you can get rid of many disease from it.

As :-

  • Solder joint pain
  • Upper back muscle pain
  • Neck fixes
  • Don’t feel tired
  • Upper spin pain

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FAQ :-

Question :- How should i sleep with upper back and neck pain?

Answer :- if you use the pillow below your head while sleeping, then all this types of problem comes. So you never use a pillow.

If you want to have a pillow, then you can have a thin and soft thing, it will not harm you.

Question :- How do i stop my neck and back from hurting?

Answer :- If you have to pain then you don’t have to stop anything. You should pay more attention to exercise. You don’t have to be afraid of it.

It’s my personal and full proof method. 

Notes :-

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Back Pain When Sneezing