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Best Air Purifier For Virus

In this pandemic other than sanitizers and masks, air purifiers also have become very important in keeping good health and staying away from the disease. There are many indoor pollutants and viruses around us. These viruses cause respiratory infections and neurological problems. So here we talk about some of The Best Air Purifier For Virus.

Some of the benefits of air purifiers are relieving the symptoms of asthma, eliminate harmful chemicals, neutralizes foul smells, reduces the chances of getting airborne diseases, gives you better sleep, removes dangerous radon, increase life expectancy, and many more. Air purifiers have a fan that sucks in air, traps all pollutants and viruses, dust, pollens and gives out clean air back into the room. Due to the air purifier air condition becomes healthy indoor. 

There are various types of air purifiers. Some of these are HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, electrostatic precipitators, ultraviolet light air purifiers, and ozone generators. Among them, it always becomes very difficult to choose the Best Air Purifier For Virus. While buying an air purifier you need to check some criteria.

These criteria are size compatibility, noise level, HEPA filters, all types of asthma or allergy-friendly certification, clean-air delivery rate (CADR), ozone emission, and maintenance. Having an air purifier will help you in many ways. It will take only 30 minutes to 2 hours to clean the room. Sometimes the duration depends on the size of the room.

Some Of The Best Air Purifier For Virus

Molekule Air Mini

Molekule air mini is a very much efficient air purifier and it uses a nanoparticle-coated PECO filter. This particular filter with the help of UV-rays gets active. It oxidizes airborne pollutants. Molekule air mini reduces indoor air pollutants without even producing other by-products or ozone. It has a 2.4 GHz Wi-fi band with 39-62 dBA noise level and 55-watt power. Molekule air mini uses PECO technology as their filtration method. Molekule claims that this patented filter works at the molecular level to capture and kill pollutants in the air. PECO stands for photoelectrochemical oxidation. 


  • This air purifier helps in destroying particulate and gaseous pollutants by chemical reactions.
  • It takes very little time to clean the room. In one hour, it has the capacity of cleaning a 250 square room. 
  • It does not produce any other harmful gases like ozone, chemical by-products, etc.
  • It comes with a light and natural wool-felt handle and has one-button control.


  • PECO filtration is very much slower than HEPA filtration. 
  • The cost of replacing the filter is very much high.  

Dyson Air Purifier

Dyson offers several types of air purifier which offers to heat, humidifying, and removes formaldehyde. There are several products by Dyson air purifiers. Some of their best products are Dyson pure cool TP01 for large rooms, Dyson purifier cool TP07 made to filter VOCs, Dyson purifier cool formaldehyde TP09, Dyson pure humidify, and cool PH01 for humidifying and air purifying. Dyson purifiers link with the Dyson link app. You can easily use this app to activate the purifier, track the quality of air indoor and outdoor, view temperature-related data, etc. For these features, the Dyson air purifier is the Best Air Purifier For Virus


  • It cools down the air and also filters it.
  • You can also use this air purifier as a heater or humidifier. Also eliminates formaldehyde.
  • It has a sleek, modern design that is very much easy to assemble and use. 
  • They also give you 2 years warranty and also connect easily with the Dyson link app.


  • Dyson air purifiers are very much expensive.
  • The cooling function in it doesn’t work properly in hot weather.
  • It doesn’t give good customer service. 

Breville Easy Air Connect Air Purifier

This particular air purifier is very much powerful as it provides powerful 4-stage purification. It kills bacteria and viruses in 30 seconds and makes you worry less about harmful air pollutants. Other than this Breville easy air connect purifier helps in removing particles that can trigger asthma or allergies. It also helps in filters foul smells and smoke. People with respiratory difficulties or sensitivity to allergens will find this air purifier very beneficial. It gives you an adjustable sleep mode which makes you worry less during the night. This is the Best Air Purifier For Virus in Australia.


  • It gives you a great sleep because it makes very low sound and also has a sleep mode.
  • Works very well in small rooms and has different settings which are user-friendly.
  • This air purifier consumes very little electricity and the quality is very good.


  • As it works perfectly in a small room, fitting it into a large room won’t give the same benefits. 
  • It doesn’t have any air quality indicator like other purifiers. 

Winix Australia Zero+ Pro

Winix Australia Zero+ pro is a perfect air purifier for your home as well as for your office. It gives you 5 stages of active and constant cleansing. This product has 3 smart sensors which help in detecting the air quality. When some problem arises, this product detects it in very few seconds and tries to clean it as fast as possible. You can also turn this air purifier on while sleeping. This asthma-sensitive choice-approved product tries to control all the allergens in your bedroom and make sure that you don’t suffer from any allergies or asthma. 


  • It is very much effective in large rooms and also makes less noise. You will easily get a good sleep while this air purifier cleans the air of your room.
  • The design is very much good and it looks sleek.
  • It has 4 fan settings and is very much user-friendly. Along with this it also has an ionization filter that keeps you safe from harmful ions. 


  • Cannot sterilize Ultraviolet rays.
  • It is not compatible in small rooms. 


Air purifiers are very much safe and save you from different kinds of harmful diseases and dust. It takes only 30 minutes to 2 hours to deliver fresh and healthy air to your room. You can easily install an air purifier in offices and homes and also in hospitals. Always try to buy the Best Air Purifier For Virus from trusted companies. Some of the side effects of an air purifier can be headaches, asthma attacks, coughing, difficulty in breathing, and sore throat. But with the best air purifiers, you may not have these side effects.  


Can air purifiers remove the covid-19 virus?

When used correctly, air purifiers can help reduce airborne pollutants, including viruses, in the home or enclosed space. However, a portable air filter by itself is not enough to protect people from COVID-19. When used in conjunction with other good practices recommended by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, using an air filter can be part of a plan to protect you and your family. Covid-19 is a mucus-based infection and it is transmitted through direct or indirect contact. If someone has this disease, using an air purifier in their room will help to protect other members of the family. Sometimes smaller particles of any disease may take time to leave. An air purifier may not be able to protect you from these small particles. 

What are the disadvantages of an air purifier?

Air purifiers are very much safe and are very useful when you want to have clean and fresh air in your room. It also has some disadvantages like you have to keep your windows closed. Claustrophobic people may have a problem with it. Air purifiers need regular maintenance which can be hectic sometimes. An air purifier needs a lot of space around it, sometimes it doesn’t fit well in very small rooms. Air purifiers may emit ozone gas and don’t solve every indoor air quality problem. Some of these air purifiers don’t help in removing odours. So, buying the best air purifier for the virus is very necessary. 

Does an air purifier helps in oxygen?

Air purifiers do not reduce the amount of oxygen in the air but purify it so that you can breathe healthy air. Many air purifiers have activated carbon filters in them. Carbon filters remove all the harmful gases from the air by absorbing them on their surface. This means that all the other harmful gases are except oxygen. Thus, air purifiers also help people with COPD. Most of the air purifiers cannot introduce fresh air from outside. They clean the air in your room by taking it and emitting filtered air. To keep a healthy oxygen level in your room you must install a separate fresh air system.