Diabetes Type 2 | Cause, Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment and Risk Factor

Diabetes Type 2

When our body is not able to make enough. Insulin or use insulin, then this condition is called Diabetes Type 2.

Type 2 diabetes was called “diabetes in adulthood”, but nowadays this disorder is also found in children. It is a type of metabolic disorder. It is the opposite of type 1 diabetes.

There is no cure for type 2 diabetes but your healthy weight, right food intake at the right time, and proper exercise can help manage the disease

if all of the above is not enough to properly manage your blood sugar level, you may also need diabetes medications or insulin.

Cause Of Diabetes

our pancreas produces a hormone called insulin. Which works by transporting glucose to our cells from the food we eat, which gives us energy.

But type 2 diabetes makes our pancreatic insulin, but our body is not able to use it. Due to which glucose keeps circulating in our blood and when it becomes high, the level of sugar in the blood also increases, which comes in the form of diabetes type 2.

There are some other factors that cause type 2 diabetes.

  1. Overweight: your overweight or obesity can also be the cause of insulin resistance. It is more likely to occur on your abdominal obesity.
  2. Gene: According to scientists, some DNA is found in different parts of our body, which can cause insulin resistance in our body.
  3. Liver disease: Your liver also maintains the sugar level in the blood, but in some people due to liver failure or liver disease, it is not able to do its job properly. In this case, the sugar level in your blood can increase or decrease, which can cause type 2 diabetes.
  4. The wrong signal by cells: Sometimes, the cell sends the wrong signal or is unable to take massage correctly, which causes your cells to not to use insulin or glucose.
  5. Broken cells: If the insulin-producing cells sometimes break down, due to which they send out the wrong amount of insulin at the wrong time, which can shut down your blood sugar.

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes


Symptoms of type 2 diabetes can a little difficult to detect because its symptoms are very mild. Those who do not get the attention of people soon.

According to a search, about 8 million people, despite suffering from type 2 diabetes, cannot see its symptoms.

You can find out its symptoms with these things.

  1. Feeling very thirsty
  2. To be very hungry.
  3. Sudden weight loss.
  4. Fall ill again and again.
  5. Frequent urination.
  6. Blurry of sight.
  7. Hoarseness in voice.
  8. Feeling tired
  9. Frequent yeast infections.
  10. No healing of the wound.
  11. Tingling or numbness in hands and feet
  12. Having a rash around the throat or armpit (Acanthosis nigricans)


Type 2 diabetes can be prevented by understanding its risks and changing your lifestyle.

Here are some tips to prevent the risks of type 2 diabetes. Which can be as follows :-

  1. Diabetes type 2 can occur at any age but if you are over the age of 45 or suffering from obesity, you should have diabetes checked regularly.
  2. Manage your weight, because your body’s excess fat, especially belly fat, can increase your resistance to insulin.
  3. Regular exercise or physical activity reduces your blood sugar levels by controlling your weight, which also improves your blood pressure and cholesterol.
  4. Use only fresh and homemade ingredients limiting ready-made food and processed food. For this, you can use Diabetes-Friendly Recipes
  5. Limit your consumption of alcohol and smoking, because your intake may increase your blood pressure and triglyceride levels. Which can cause diabetes type 2.
  6. With regular exercise, a balanced diet, and a healthy weight, you can balance your blood pressure. Because high blood pressure or low blood pressure can also be a cause of diabetes.
  7. Type 2 diabetes can also be prevented by reducing the risks of heart disease such as obesity and physical inactivity.
  8. Regularly check your blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood cholesterol levels.

Test and Treatment


some tests are done, based on the symptom of diabetes, which are as follows:

  1.  A1C test: In this test, the average of your last 2 to 3 months of blood sugar is tested.
  2. Fasting blood sugar test: in this test, blood sugar is tested, then the person is kept on an empty stomach for about 8 hours. During this time, you can just drink water.
  3. Glucose tolerance test: In this test, blood sugar is checked after 2 hours of your meal.


Diabetes type 2 is treated by taking care of a few things.

  1. Healthy weight.
  2. Low carbohydrate food intake.
  3. Low fat and low calories food intake.
  4. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  5. Regular exercise.
  6. Regular blood sugar testing an insulin-based patient.

Diabetes Friendly Recipes


Doctors suggest some medicines for the treatment of diabetes type 2, which is as follow

  1. Sulfonylureas.
  2. DPP 4 inhibitors.
  3. Metformin.
  4. Meglitinides.
  5. Insulin
  6. SGLT 2 inhibitors.
  7. GLP-1 receptor agonists.

Risk Factor

There are some risk factors for diabetes type 2, which is as follow.

  1. Overweight or obese.
  2. Being 45 or older.
  3. Some special communities.
  4. Family history.
  5. High blood pressure
  6. High or low levels of HD1 cholesterol or triglycerides.
  7. In a woman, when giving birth to a child who is 9 pounds or overweight.
  8. In a woman, history of gestational diabetes.
  9. Not physically active.
  10. Depression.
  11. History of heart disease or stroke.
  12. Polycystic ovary syndrome.

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Diabetes | Cause, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment


When the level of sugar in our blood becomes high, we call that condition Diabetes. This sugar reaches our body only from the food we eat.

As we know, there are many foods that contain glucose and when we start taking it in excess daily, then the sugar in our blood starts increasing which later becomes the form of diabetes.

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is one such disease in which, your blood sugar becomes more higher than normal.

However, blood sugar is your main source of energy and comes from the food you eat. A hormone called insulin, which is made by the pancreas, helps to provide glucose to your cells with energy from the food you take, but sometimes your body does not make enough amount of insulin or your body is not able to use insulin properly, then glucose remain in your blood and do not reach your cells. Which is called diabetes.

Cause Of Diabetes

A pancreatic auditory hormone called insulin due to which the blood sugar is not able to reach the cells of the body or our body cannot use the blood sugar from insulin. So it causes diabetes.

There are other causes of this which are as follows.

  1. Pancreas: In fact, hormone-like insulin and glucan are released from the pancreas gland. In which insulin helps the blood sugar in our body to reach the cells, which gives our body energy and keeps the sugar level normal, and when the pancreas does not listen to insulin in this way, it cause Diabetes.
  2. Obesity: Eating more, eating junk foods, and if you already have a history of obesity in your family, then it is possible that obesity can also be a cause of diabetes.
  3. High blood pressure: High blood pressure can also cause diabetes.
  4. High cholesterol: if your cholesterol is not balanced then it is possible that it may be the cause of diabetes.
  5. Lifestyle: It is quite possible that diabetes can also be caused by your lifestyle. If outside food, canned and fried food is included in your lifestyle then it can be a cause of diabetes.
  6. Insulin hormone: Insulin deficiency or the use of insulin in the pancreas not being able to do it by our body is also the main cause of diabetes. Because it is the insulin hormone that carries the sugar to our cells which gives us energy.
  7. Genetic: Diabetes is also genetic if any of your family members, parents, siblings have this problem, then in the future, you may also suffer from it or it may also be a reason for your diabetes.
  8. Mental stress: Mental stress can also cause diabetes.


There are some symptoms of diabetes that you think are normal.

Sometimes people take these symptoms so normally that it can prove fatal for them later. Let us know about the symptoms of diabetes.

  • It leads to weight loss
  • Hunger seems high
  • Thirst is also high
  • Feeling tired and weak
  • Frequent urination
  • Reduced eyesight
  • Leg pain and torsion
  • Tingling or numbness in the extremities
  • Wounds and swelling in the gums
  • Let wound healing
  • Fungal infection
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dry mouth and itching
  • Digestive problem
  • Chest pain
  • Skin problem

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These are mainly 2 types of Diabetes

  1. Type 1 Diabetes: It is genetic that can reach you in the future either from birth or due to someone already in your family.
  1. Type 2 Diabetes: It can also because due to low insulin in the body or due to some physical reasons or wrong eating.

Less Common Type

Here are less common types of Diabetes

  1. Prediabetes: It occurs mainly in a less common type of diabetes, which is seen in families with 2 type diabetes or is overweight.
  2. Gestational Diabetes: Diabetes during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes. It comes in a less common type of Diabetes.


Diabetes is not a permanent treatment, but we can control diabetes by adopting some appropriate methods like a regular diet, exercise, personal health, hygiene, and possible insulin injections or medicines for the prevention of complications due to this.

  • Consumption of coffee helps prevent sugar or Diabetes.
  • Eating in small intervals eliminates the problem of hunger, which is a cause of diabetes.
  • Weight management is a great way to prevent Diabetes.
  • Exercise can also prevent diseases like Diabetes.
  • Having a healthy heart is helpful in preventing Diabetes.
  • Avoid eating red meat if diabetes is to be prevented.
  • Avoid eating trans fat.
  • Say no to food items made of sugar and sugar.
  • Cinnamon powder is also helpful in controlling sugar, so include it in your food.
  • Reduce or manage your stress.
  •  Have a high protein diet.
  • Avoid refined carbohydrates.
  • Take fiber-rich foods.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Take fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Do regular blood checkups.
  • Avoid eating fast food or junk food.
  • Eat less salt.
  • Get good sleep.
  • Take green tea.
  • Get an injury wound treated immediately.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Eat lean meats.
  • Sitting in the sun.
  • Keep distance from cold drinks or adulterated drinks.
  • Eat soy products.
  • Eat calcium-rich foods.
  • Vinegar intake is also beneficial for Diabetes.

Treatment Of Diabetes

If there is two types of Diabetes, then it is also treated in two ways.

Treatment of type 1 diabetes

  • Consumption of protein, fats, and carbohydrates in a balanced amount.
  • Get a blood sugar checkup regularly.
  • Proper intake of insulin.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Do exercise regularly.
  • Eating healthy foods.

However, type 1 diabetes can also be reduced by making changes in one’s own lifestyle there is no permanent treatment for Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes cannot be completely eradicated, but it can be controlled. If you take care of certain things, then you can control diabetes.

  • By regular blood sugar test.
  • With regular exercise.
  • By consuming nutritious food.
  • After losing weight.
  • And, possibly with its medication or insulin therapy.

Diabetes Friendly Recipes