How To Control Thyroid During Pregnancy? | Thyroid Effects On Mom And Baby And Treatment

Control Thyroid during Pregnancy

Today we’re going to discuss some aspects of hypothyroidism in pregnancy And How To Control Thyroid during Pregnancy?

The thyroid is something we test for almost every mother, especially mothers who are having weight gain issues, mothers who are having some symptoms that may explain thyroid issues such as feeling cold, feeling too hot, or maybe bowel disorders or sleep and appetite disorders.

We agree that some of this is very common and some of these are overlapping Symptoms Of Thyroid Disease a very healthy pregnancy also but it is very important that if you face such issues it should be ruled out whether you are carrying any thyroid disorder. 

What is the effect of hypothyroidism on the mother of the baby? 

The fact is that the baby in the first two to three months is unlikely to have any of its own thyroid hormones and is going to be totally dependent on the mother’s thyroid status. And in the initial months, the baby is going through a lot of development, especially related to the brain and spinal cord so all the nervous tissue is being accumulated, and therefore if your thyroid status is very disturbed,  it can actually impact this kind of of of development.

What Is Actually Hypothyroidism? 

Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid gland is functioning sub-optimally. This gland is present near your windpipe and it is a very crucial gland for existence for survival.  So when the thyroid gland produces the hormones, the active thyroid hormones and they are not sufficient to maintain all kinds of functions such as the metabolism rate of your body,  then it leads to a condition called ‘Hypothyroidism’. The way to monitor this is by doing a test called ‘Thyroid profile’ or ‘Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) which tends to increase in hypothyroid mothers.

What Can Hypothyroidism Do To The Mother?

She may develop, you know, miscarriages, there may be pre-term births, there may be growth retardation issues in the baby or she may develop high blood pressure. If we identify a thyroid issue with the mother during pregnancy, we usually refer or take consultation of an endocrinologist also. She is in-house, she is in the hospital and so the pregnancy is managed in conjunction with the gynecologist and the endocrinologist for the best outcome for the mother and the baby. 

How To Control Thyroid During Pregnancy? 

Now, a mother’s thyroid levels hugely influence a baby’s brain development so it’s very very important that they maintain their TSH levels less than 2.5 in the first 12 weeks. After that, the target relaxes too 3. During pregnancy, based on the TSH levels, we initiate the Thyroxin Sodium medicine and the dose largely depends on the weight of the patient.

And it’s not just the TSH but there are a number of other factors like frank symptoms of hypothyroidism like constipation, hair fall, cold intolerance, having a family history of thyroid illness, or the presence of antibodies so there a number of factors based on which we initiate the medicine. Once the tablet is initiated, we monitor the levels every 4 weeks for the first 20 weeks, so that better control and better iteration are possible.

After 20 weeks, we monitor every 4-6 weeks. Many women have queries about whether thyroid medicine has to be continued post-delivery also. It again largely depends upon the presence of antibodies, the presence of family history, the starting TSH level based on which the tablet was initiated. And if all the antibodies are negative and if there are no such risk factors, we generally taper the medicine post-delivery. 

Women also have a doubt about dietary restrictions to be followed from a thyroid point of view. We generally don’t advise any dietary modifications. We just want the patients to be strict with their medicine. It has to be taken on an empty stomach the first thing in the morning and there should be a gap of 30-45 minutes after taking the medicine and before you have something. 

Can Iron Or Calcium Supplements Be Taken Together With Thyroid Medicine? 

Control Thyroid During pregnancy, the patient is generally on iron and calcium supplements also, and it’s very very important that you don’t take these supplements along with your thyroid medicine. There should be a gap of 3 hours between the thyroid medicine and any of these supplements. So generally, the thyroid is taken in the morning so you can split up your calcium after your lunch and iron after your dinner. 

So overall you know that for a good health outcome of both mother and baby, thyroid status is very important for monitoring and always Best Foods To Eat During Pregnancy and sometimes treatment if it is started before or Control Thyroid during Pregnancy, it may be continued later on also and again the thyroid status will be monitored.