Can You Freeze Evaporated Milk?

Freeze Evaporated Milk

After being opened, evaporated milk has a rather short shelf life. What if you don’t know what to do with the food you make? Yes, we may Freeze evaporated milk in the freezer for up to three to six months without losing any of its quality. However, after thawing, it tends to split a bit, and even stirring or mixing it doesn’t help it. Because of this, it is a good choice for prepared foods like soups and stews.

Evaporated Milk Can Be Frozen, But How?

  • Canning and Storing Evaporated Milk for Later Use

Do you have a few tins of evaporated milk laying around? Evaporated milk may be stored in the freezer until you’re ready to use it. A freezer-safe container is required before the product may be frozen. Tins do not freeze well and are prone to rupture when exposed to extremely low temperatures.

Homemade Evaporated Milk can be prepared for freezing by punching a hole on each side of the top. Leave a couple of inches of space between the evaporated milk and the lid of an opaque container. If you want to make individual servings of evaporated milk, you may pour it into ice cube trays and freeze it. Using cling wrap, seal the container, and then put on the lid. Stick it in the freezer after writing down the expiration date. The remaining evaporated milk can be frozen in the same way. You only need to obtain an appropriate milk bottle and you’re ready to begin.

Tips for Keeping Evaporated Milk Fresh

In order to conserve money, you could not use up all of your evaporated milk in a short period of time. Never buy anything if it is past its sell-by date. Those having a one-year expiration date are best. Older canned evaporated milk should be used first before fresh ones.

The canned milk should be thrown away if it leaks or bulges. Don’t keep cans if you observe signs of damage, such as cracks, dents, or rust. A cool, dry location away from direct sunlight is best for newly purchased canned evaporated milk. To avoid rusting, place unopened cans of evaporated milk in a cabinet or cupboard.

Treat evaporated milk the same as fresh milk. You may keep the milk in the fridge for up to five days and it will remain fresh. However, the evaporated milk has a propensity to absorb fridge aromas and flavours, so keep the container well closed.

The first step is to select a container

Before putting the evaporated milk in the freezer, make sure it’s in a freezer-safe container. A sealed can of evaporated milk never be placed in the freezer.

It is not recommended to store food in tin cans in the freezer since they can rupture if exposed to low temperatures.

Poke two holes in the can’s top before pouring the evaporated milk into a freezer container so that it may flow freely.

When It comes to freezing evaporated milk, the following are your best bets:

Because they may be reused, plastic freezer-friendly containers are a fantastic choice for freezing. Fortunately, a can of evaporated milk does not require a large container. The container must be airtight when closed.

Evaporated milk may be frozen in a freezer bag if you wish to save any for later. Simply squeeze out as much air as possible after pouring the milk into the freezer bags. Save room in the freezer by spreading out the bags one on top of the other in a stack and freezing them.

Using an ice tray to freeze evaporated milk for smoothies, oatmeal, or any other single food item is a great idea.

It’s easy to utilize freezer trays if you’ve never done so before. Single cubes of evaporated milk should be placed in the ice cube tray. Freeze this until the cubes are completely firm. After that, place the frozen cubes in a freezer bag.

One or two cubes can be picked out at a time afterwards. You don’t have to thaw an entire can if you just need a small amount. Once thawed, evaporated milk cannot be refrozen, therefore dividing it into smaller servings is a preferable alternative.

Pour The Milk In

It is time to add the evaporated milk to your container. Make sure the containers are clean and that the evaporated milk hasn’t come into touch with anything that might potentially contaminate it.

It’s important not to overfill plastic freezer containers or freezer bags while you’re storing food. Allow for some expansion of the liquid. There’s a good chance that your freezer could explode if you don’t allow enough room!

Identify Your Container

It is important to mark the container with the date of freezing and the name of the food within. Evaporated milk in the freezer must be easily identified and used by the due date.


You may store your evaporated milk in the freezer for a long time once it has been placed in its freezer container, labelled, and closed firmly.

Milk should be stored at the rear of the freezer. The constant opening and shutting of the freezer door might cause temperature changes, thus this helps to keep it stable.

Making Use of Frozen Evaporated Milk in the Kitchen

So there you have it, a second alternative that will save you room in your freezer and allow you to cook in a flash. To get started, simply follow the easy steps outlined below:

  • Fill ice cube or cupcake pans halfway with evaporated milk. Pour the mixture into the trays.
  • Use aluminum foil to cover the entire tray. Protect your milk against freezer burn by putting it in an airtight container.
  • Freeze the evaporated milk in a pan for at least two hours.
  • The frozen pieces of evaporated milk can now be removed from the dish and placed in an airtight container.
  • Evaporated milk pieces won’t all clump together this way. A carton of evaporated milk takes a long time to thaw, but they take only minutes!

Does Evaporated Milk Stay Fresh in the Frozen State?

It is possible to store evaporated milk in the freezer for three months or more if it is properly stored. After this period of time, it will be safe to use.

  • When it comes to the creaminess and richness you’d expect, though, the quality begins to deteriorate.
  • If you use it within three months, the quality of the evaporated milk will be intact.

When to Freeze Evaporated Milk and when not to?

Whenever evaporated milk is frozen and thawed, it tends to separate. Because of its post-freezing texture, it won’t be suitable for many various meals and drinks.

Frozen Evaporated Milk has a variety of applications.

When frozen, evaporated milk separates, therefore there are few applications for it. Frozen evaporated milk may be used for a variety of things.

Thawed evaporated milk that has been separated can be beaten into a creamy product known as whipping cream. Defrost the evaporated milk until it is simply liquid, but it should still be very chilly. Using an electric mixer, whip the evaporated milk to firm peaks.

A dessert can be served immediately after adding sugar to the evaporated milk or whipped cream.

Evaporated milk hasn’t been allowed to thaw entirely, so the high-speed pounding helps to bring the components back together.

Used In Cooking Of Freeze Evaporated Milk

  • Evaporated milk can be used as a substitute for whole milk, cream, and heavy cream. A fantastic alternative to cream because it doesn’t curdle at high temperatures.
  • A little bit of separation may be disguised by cooking with the milk and ensuring that it doesn’t go to waste.
  • You may use any remaining evaporated milk in mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, soups, and stews.
  • Evaporated milk can be saved and thawed for use in baking. In bread recipes, it may be substituted for milk, and it can also be used to make cakes, cookies, and even delectable pies.