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How To Gain Weight Fast and safely ?

How To Gain Weight Fast and safely ?

In USA and UK most of people worried about his weight loss and overweight but its opposite some people worried about how to gain weight.

This is most important thing that what we eat what we dring , what to do in our daily routing.

It’s show that how will our life and its

If your weight is high or you are skinny both are very dangerous for our body.

It produces many types of disease in our body as thyroid , over weight , pain or many dangerous disease.

For this we will change our daily food routing and exercise ,  because it decided that how your body work.

How to gain weight healthy.

 This is most important thing how keep healthy body because whatever we want to eat that is good for our body.

This is the main reason that we do not get the nutrition our body needs and always tasty food or fast food not useful for weight gain.

For weight loss we avoid many foods like that for gain weight we have to give up a lot of food.

Food is very important for our body because it gives us energy to body. This is most importent thing that whose we eat is this safe for body.

For boost our body or muscle most important thing is

Protein for boost up

For healthy gaining weight protein is most important.

A body needs approx(0.6 to 1 g) of protein/pound of body weight and (1.4 to 2.1 g) of protein/kg. You can increase it.

According to our body protein builds our big muscle and increase our healthy system. Then our body healthy.

Eggs , fish , nut , daily products is high protein foods. This is enough for weight gain.

Carbs and fat

Carb and fat important as protein.

To keep a body fit we needs 13 vitamins an 11 minirals similarly carbs and fat is most important for healthy lifestyle.

At least you should take three meals daily when you are on diet.

Some tips to gain weight

  • Take three meal per day.
  • Do daily exercise.
  • Eat Banana
  • Take high protein food.
  • Take high calories food.
  • Don’t drinks water before meal.
  • Add cream.
  • Drink milk.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Quick sleep.

FAQ :-

Question :- How can a skinny person gain weight fast?

Answer :- First of all you have to take at least 3-4 times high protein and high calories meal then you improve weight.