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What Cause Of Malaria – Virus Or Bacteria

What Cause Of Malaria - Virus Or Bacteria

Malaria is a disease caused by the bite of a female mosquito called anopheles. As many people live under the illusion “ What Cause Of Malaria, virus or bacteria”. But it is not the case, malaria is neither caused by virus borne disease nor bacteria borne disease.

The disease is caused by a parasite called plasmodium that’s form in the anopheles female mosquito. This parasite in spread by the bite of any anopheles female mosquito.  And when an anopheles female mosquito bites someone, then this parasite reaches the liver through blood flow and increases its number.

Malaria parasite present in red blood cells (RBC). Therefore, it is transmitted to any after person through blood transfusion by any infected person. This only happens when the anopheles mosquito bite the infected person after biting someone else. Or it is by using a syringe used by an infected person in another person. This disease can also be caused organ transplantation. Malaria mosquitoes are mostly thriving in dirty places, dirty water and stagnant water.

Symptoms Of Malaria

Many types of symptoms are seen in malaria.


  • High fever and cold
  • Muddle  up
  • To vomit
  • Headache
  • Breathlessness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Feeling cold
  • Body ache
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Anemic

Types Of Malaria

So far we have only known about like parasite called plasmodium which thrives in mosquitoes. While there are other parasite that thrive in mosquitoes and when they bite us those parasite reach the liver and in blood cells through the bloodstream in our body. And due to which five types of malaria disease arise which all five are as follows.

  1. Plasmodium falciparum or P. Falciparum
  2. Plasmodium malaria or P. Malaria
  3. Plasmodium Vivax or P. Vivax
  4. Plasmodium Ovale or P. Ovale
  5. Plasmodium Knowlesi or P. Knowlesi

Prevention Of Malaria

Malaria is not a serious disease if you want to avoid if then some things have to be kept in mind first.

  • Keep cleanliness in your surroundings.
  • Clean the water stagnant place from time to time.
  • Always keep the garbage covered in the dustbin and do not give mosquitoes a chance to grow there.

As we know, malaria is also a disease among many types of disease that spread after the rainy season. Therefore we should think of way to be safe from it in advance.

  • Pay attention to cleanliness.
  • If someone has a high fever and cold, get a doctor to checkup immediately.
  • If someone has headache with high fever, especially at night, the immediately seek treatment with the advice of a doctor.
  • If you are feeling anything like the symptom of malaria, first of all take the advice of your doctor. Because they can also be symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Keto Diet Food To Avoid

Keto Diet Food To Avoid

Now a day lot of people use keto diet for weight loss. But now we all see here, about “Keto Diet Food To Avoid”.

As we know keto diet or ketogenic diet is a low carbs diet as like Atkins diet. In this diet people take only low carbs food. As like in Atkins diet also take low carbs food. But in Atkins diet people also take high fats food.

Now we will coming up to in keto diet which things to avoid most then we must avoid those thing, which have more carbohydrates. Generally we don’t know but carbs found in almost those things whose we eat in daily basis.

But we can’t leave all eatable things which is good for our health. Cause for fitness carbs is also compulsory for our body.

So now we come to what things must should be avoided in keto diet.

  • Grain :- As we know grain are filled up with carbohydrate, which can affect our keto diet plan.

So here is some grains which contains high amount of carbs is must should to avoid diet is Brown rice, White rice, Oats, Quinoa, White bread and Barley.

  • Drinks or Beverages :- Drinks and behaviors are also contains more carbs some of them are as follow :- Colas, Mocho, Hot chocolates, Cols or iced tea, vitamin drink, energy drink (white added sugar), lemonade and any sweetened drinks or all fruits juices.
  • Fruit :- Yes you will also avoid fruits which has the most carbohydrates that is, Banana, Apple, Mango, Pear, Grapes, Pineapple, Oranges and Peaches.
  • Vegetables :- Now we wonder if there is vegetables too so yes you will know that there are many vegetables which contains a lot of carbohydrates.

Like :- sweet potatoes, Beets, Corn, Potatoes, Yam and cassava.

  • Pulse and Legumes :- In pulse and Legumes is also contains carbs.

Like:- Kidney beans, Garbanzo beans, Lentils, Lima beans, Navy beans, Green peas, Black beans and Baked beans.

  • Dry fruit :- Some days fruits also contains high carbs.

Like:- dates, raising and Goji Berries.

  • Oils and Unhealthy Fats :- Here is some oils and unhealthy fats which contains more carbs.

Like:- Canola oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Vegetable oil, and Ghee.

  • Dairy products :- You must avoid these dairy products.

Like:- Full of creamed milk, condensed milk and creamed cheese.

Apart from this, there are other foods that you should avoid as :-

Candy, Sugary breakfast cereals, White pasta, White bread, Cookies, Muffins, baked products, flavored and sweet lend yogurt, potato chips, sugary juices, Sodas, Food and with high fructose, corn syrup content and stored food.

What Can Eat In Keto Diet ?

Actually keto diet, we call it in which low carbohydrate food or good food is eaten at the right time.

This diet plan suggested by a good dietician, in which a meal time array is made by looking at your body weight, length and width. It also tells about what can be eaten.

Now we are giving you a list of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people for what they can eat during this keto diet.   










Nuts & Seeds

Dairy Products

Some Non-Green vegetables


  • Non-Vegetarian





Nuts & Seed

Green Vegetables

Symptoms For Thyroid Disease , Cause And Treatment

Symptoms For Thyroid Disease , Cause And Treatment

Thyroid is a small organ that is present in our throat. Here we discus that Symptoms for thyroid disease , Its Cause and Treatment.

What is Thyroid disease ?

It is a gland that is wrapped around the trachea (Windpipe) present in our throat. As we know many glands are found in our body, among then it is also a thyroid gland.

Thyroid is produced in our body due to hormones, which is called thyroid hormone. If the thyroid gland in not able to produce the right amount of thyroid hormones, then we fall prey to many serious diseases.

And this condition is called thyroid disease.

What Are The Symptoms Of Thyroid?

If you suffer from thyroid disease then some symptoms are seen which are as follows :-

  • Suddenly your body will swell or you will see more weight.
  • Your skin will look pale and dry.
  • Your body’s muscles will start feeling weak.
  • You will feel very tired.
  • You will also start complaining of constipation.
  • You will also feel Joint and muscles pain.
  • You will feel cold companed to normal people.
  • You feel sad and depressed.

Types Of Thyroid

In general, we divide the thyroid into two parts.

  • One that is caused by excess of thyroid hormone. And the second one is caused by the lack of thyroid hormones.
  • The first condition is called Hyperthyroidism and second is called Hypothyroidism.

Causes Of Thyroid

There can be many causes for getting thyroid disease, like:-

  • Excess of thyroid hormones called Hyperthyroidism, and
  • Lack of thyroid hormones called hypothyroidism.

Symptoms and prevention of hyperthyroidism

We know that hyperthyroidism occurs due to excess of thyroid hormones. Now we will know about its symptoms.

  • You may suffer from goiter disease.
  • You have a problem of too much heat.
  • People also get symptoms of nervousness and anxiety.
  • Many people suddenly lose weight.
  • The problems of too much fatigue and weakness also troubles.
  • Symptoms of rapid heartbeat in some person also occur.
  • Many people also get symptoms of frequent bowel movements.
  • Many times in women, there is also problem of menstrual cycle obstruction or not functioning properly.
  • Many people also see hair loss problem.
  • There is also the problem of poor sleep or lack of sleep.
  • Many people have very thin skin.
  • Many people finger are clingy or do not work properly.

Now we know that hypothyroidism occur due to lack of thyroid hormones. Now we will know about its symptoms.

  • You may also suffer from goiter disease.
  • Many times in women, there is also problem of more bleeding than normal in menstruation.
  • Many people feel very tired.
  • You have a problem of too much cold.
  • Many people suddenly gain weight.
  • Having high cholesterol.
  • Many people feel joint and muscle pain.
  • Some people faced with swollen face.
  • Many people faced of constipation.
  •  Some people start having problem with voice or hoarseness.
  • Symptoms of low heartbeat in some person also occur.
  • Many people also see hair loss problem.
  • Some people faced with dry skin.

Now we are coming up to hyperthyroid prevention

We must first know that the hyperthyroid become a genetic disease that can pass from one generation to another.

But we can reduce to with the help of doctor and right food.

Like :-

  • We should to take fresh fruits or fruit juice.
  • Sufficient quantity of water.
  • Should to take lemonade.
  • You also should take vegetable oils.
  • Tea or coffee lover should take it in right quantity. Must it be black.
  • You must to take non-iodized salt.
  • For egg lover should take only white egg part.
  • Herbs and spices also a good thing for this.
  • Beer or wine lover take it in a sufficient quantity.

For hypothyroid :-

As we know, hypothyroidism thyroid is caused by deficiency of hormone which we can reduce. Or controlled with regular medications and follow-up appointment.

Like :-

  • If you have symptoms of hypothyroid you should to take iodized salt.
  • Also should to take iron supplement food.
  • You should to take a diet containing multivitamins.
  • You should include vegetable like cauliflower, cabbage, spinach etc in your diet. All these should be taken on the advice of doctors.
  • You can also include things mode from soy in your diet. This can help prevent the absorption of thyroxine in the body.

Note :-

Thyroid is a disease that can also cause death, so make sure to have your checkup done soon after is symptoms are seen. And take any medicine or diet on the advice of your doctor.

Healthy Vegan Junk Food

Healthy Vegan Junk Food

Healthy vegan junk food has entered our mind in such a way that we can no longer live without it. Because It is Crispy , Tasty and Delicious.

Junk food has become our favorite food, whether it is morning, noon, evening, or night time, we definitely eat some junk food.

There are some junk food that are favorite of all of us.

Healthy Vegan Junk Food

As :-

  • Chocolate
  • Burger
  • Pizza
  • Ice cream
  • Crunchy
  • Chips
  • Creamy
  • Pasta
  • Noodles
  • Maggie

We are addicted all of these things.

When we live in the house with our family, we live in the office with our colleague or friends. If you see some spicy food then we eat it.

This is the main reason that in US., UK and India the most common stomach patients are found.

This is the most obese and gastric patient.

Many types of Vegan food are found here.

What we want to eat is that we do this decided, because this will decide how our body will work.We tell about some food that is tasty, crispy, sweet but healthy for our body.

Vegan Junk Food Book

What does Vegans eat for breakfast ?

Healthy Vegan Junk Food

1. Baked sweet potato chips

Chips are something we always remember when it comes to junk food. It can be made at home.

They are crispy, salty and tasty, Which makes them unhealthy. But homemade chips are healthy for us. Because we use as much spice as it is full for us.

2. Vegan Onion Rings

Onions are very healthy for us. It takes Zero oil to make onion rings. After cooking it turns golden color and it is tasty, crispy and spicy in food. We can eat onion rings with sweet sauce or sour sauce. many people like to eat it with tea. We do not need much ingredients to make it at home.

3. Crispy Tofu

If you are very foodie of fast food then you can eat crispy tofu, because it is a Chinese food.We can it with sweet sauce, sour chutney or salad. It is tasty and spicy.

4. Garlicky Kale Burger

If you are very fond of eating burgers then you can try Garlicky kale Burger. It is made of crunchy sunflower seeds, white beans and garlic. This is spicy and tasty in food. We can eat with sweet sauce.

  1. Vegan McChicken Sandwich

  1. Vegan Animal Style Fries

  1. Vegan Cauliflower Tacos

  1. Vegan Strawberry

  1. Vegan Popcorn Tofu

  1. Crispy Tofu with Sweet Chili Sauce

  1. Low Fat Vegan Kebab

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