How Many Carbs Are In A Banana? | Banana Nutrition Value

Carbs Are In A Banana

Banana is one of the best fruit in the world but many people don’t know that How Many Calories And Carbs Are In A Banana?

All people know about banana whose is good for our healthy lifestyle, and very useful for our body. Banana can give our body a boost up quickly.

How many carbs, calories and protein in bananas. Its depend on there size because some banana is small and some are medium and some banana large.

Banana has its different advantages and disadvantage, we can make different types of foods, snacks and different types of dishes from bananas. All these recipes are very tasty and healthy for eating.

Like :- Banana Bread, Banana Butter Chocolate Brownies, Banana Teef Bread, Frozen Chocolate-Banana Treats, Banana-Oat Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Banana Almond Granola, etc.

Carbs In A Banana

Different types of banana has different carbs and calories.

Like :-

Carbs Are In A Banana
  • Extra small – ( 5-6 inches, 80 grams ) – 19 grams
  • Small – ( 6-7 inches, 100 grams ) – 23 grams
  • Medium – ( 8-9 inches, 119 grams ) – 27 grams
  • Large – ( 9-10 inches, 150 grams ) – 35 grams
  • Sliced – (1 cup, 150 grams ) – 34 grams
  • Mashed – ( 1 cup, 225 grams ) – 51 grams

In banana, you can see this chart that how many Carbs Are In A Banana and you suggested yourself that need your body. If you are a diabetes patient. You must know that how many amounts of bananas you should take. Because carbohydrates increase blood sugar whose not good for diabetes.

If blood sugar increase non diabetes patient then the body produced the insulin. Whose helps to strong our body.

A large banana has approx 14 grams of sugar or 6 grams of starch. Raw / Green bananas have less digestible carbs than a ripe banana.

Banana has 2 to 6 grams of fiber whose depends on their size.

Calories In A Banana

It’s also depend on their size.

As a large size banana has approx 105 calories.

  • Extra small – ( 5-6 inches, 81 grams ) – 72 calories
  • Small – (6-7 inches, 90 grams ) – 90 calories
  • Medium 7-8 inches, 118 grams ) – 105 calories
  • Large – ( 8-9 inches, 136 grams ) –121 calories
  • Extra large – ( 9-10 inches, 152 grams ) – 135 calories
  • Sliced – ( 1 cup, 150 grams ) – 134 calories
  • Mashed – ( 1 cup, 225 grams ) – 200 Calories

You can see this chart how many calories and carbs are in a banana by chart whose helpful that, You can take that banana whose need calories.

Raw Banana

Raw Banana

Raw Banana is always known as carbs. Because this plays a role in a healthy lifestyle. This banana has a high amount of starch. Whose much starch is not good for our body.

In raw banana has starch more than a yellow banana. This starch works in our bodies in the form of fiber that meets us with raw bananas (green bananas).

If you take a banana on a regular base then it reduces your back pain. Because research revealed that Potassium reduces your back pain.

Nutrition Value In Banana Size Wise

NutritionExtra SmallSmallMediumLarge1 Cup
1 Cup
Fat0.27 g0.33 g0.39 g0.45 g0.5 g0.74 g
Cholesterol0 mg0 mg0 mg0 mg0 mg0 mg
Sodium0 mg1 mg1 mg1 mg2 mg2 mg
Carbohydrates18.5 g23.07 g26.95 g31.06 g34.26 g51.39 g
Protein0.88 g1.1 g1.29 g1.48 g1.67 g2.45 g
Vitamin A2 mcg3 mcg4 mcg4 mcg4 mcg7 mcg
Vitamin B
Vitamin c7 mg8.8 mg10.3 mg11.8 mg13.mg19.6 mg
Vitamin D
Calcium4 mg5 mg6 mg7 mg8 mg11 mg
Potassium290 mg362 mg422 mg487 mg537 mg806 mg
Iron0.21 mg0.26 mg0.31 mg0.35 mg0.39 mg0.58 mg
Fiber2.1 g2.6 g3.1 g3.5 g3.9 g5.8 g
Sugar9.91 g12.35 g14.43 g16.63 g18.34 g27.52 g
Banana Nutrition Value

Are Bananas Bad If You Are Trying To Lose Weight?

How much fruit and vegetable foods do you eat, how often do you say weight loss or weight gain and your body works in the same way.

There is a lot of vitamins in making, fiber contains potassium, which causes more weight loss than other fruits. If we trying to weight loss then we should not eat bananas.


Can you eat a banana on a low carbs diet?

Banana has 27 grams. if you take a medium banana then you should not eat on a low carbs diet.

Are banana good carbs ?

Yes, banana has good carbs because it has about 23% of carbs in the form of starch or sugar. So this is very good for our health. A green banana has more starch than a yellow banana.

Will a banana knock me out of ketosis?

If you take an Extra small banana daily then you will not need to go on a keto diet, Because you are advised to consume a maximum of 20 grams of carbs/day during a keto diet,

Which you get by eating an extra-small banana.

How many net carbs are in a banana ?

In a banana 35 grams net carbs. It’s the best for our health, best for weight loss, belly fat. If you want to instantly build your muscle in your body.