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Upper Back And Neck Pain

Upper Back And Neck Pain

A person is always troubled by his or her internal reason As the upper back and neck pain. Because of this our body is unable to work properly.

Someone pain is always harmful we can’t do any work. we don’t fell like doing anything.

It does not allow your body to grow. you can’t focus on this work you want to do. because of this you are always going to the doctors.

Cause Of Upper Neck And Back Pain

These are many reason of this pains.

  • first of all smoking is very dangerous and this is the main reason because smoking has become our habit.
  • When we are overweight because of this the neck pain starts.
  • When we exercise somethings we posture wrong. so the pain starts.
  • Sometimes when we lift some heavy goods,then too much pain happens.
  • If we fall while playing, this is also the reason for pain.
  • At bedtime, it we take high pillow at the bottom of the head then the pain beings.
  • When we lie down and watch T.V or craning your neck and read and saw mobile then pain starts.

Relief And Prevention

you can fix it at home if you want when your stiff neck then first of all you heat the water and heat your neck. do this at least 3 times a day.

After that you take an ointiment from the medical store and apply it.

Or, you take a small piece of stone and heat it as much as you can, after that you war it in a cloth. afterthat you can heat your neck and soulder. do this at least 2 times a day.

This will provide relief to your back of neck and shoulder.

After this, if it is not cured, then you can show it to the doctor.

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Exercise For Upper Back Pain

As we all know that exercise is a medium through which every disease can be cured if we do eat on a daily basis.

As always it is seen that the body of the people who exercise is always feet, who are always on the move. They do something for themselves.

So we all must exercise according to the time on daily basis.

If you neck muscle is stretched or you have lower back pain then this exercise will be right for you and will soon relive Your back neck.

  • Chair rotation
  • Cat cow pose
  • Overhead arm reach
  • Knee to chest

If you do all these exercise in the neck pain then you will never have to go to the doctors.

You can treat any of your disease by exercising at your home provided that you have the right information.

An exercise protects you from serer neck pain and serious illnesses.

People who go on dieting often exercise to maintain their fitness.  

If you do the method motioned above then you can get rid of many disease from it.

As :-

  • Solder joint pain
  • Upper back muscle pain
  • Neck fixes
  • Don’t feel tired
  • Upper spin pain

Relief Your Back Pain

FAQ :-

Question :- How should i sleep with upper back and neck pain?

Answer :- if you use the pillow below your head while sleeping, then all this types of problem comes. So you never use a pillow.

If you want to have a pillow, then you can have a thin and soft thing, it will not harm you.

Question :- How do i stop my neck and back from hurting?

Answer :- If you have to pain then you don’t have to stop anything. You should pay more attention to exercise. You don’t have to be afraid of it.

It’s my personal and full proof method. 

Notes :-

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