During Pregnancy Sex Should Be Avoided?

During Pregnancy Sex Should Be Avoided?

Many people have a confusion that During Pregnancy Sex Should Be Avoided? Having sex during pregnancy can cause female orgasm, breast stimulation.

And some hormones in semen called prostaglandins can cause uterine contractions. If you are having some such problems avoid sex during pregnancy like:

  1. Avoid sex if you are having unexplained bleeding problems.
  2. If you one already advised by doctors that there may be any problems in the birth of a child, then avoid sex in such a situation.
  3. Do not have sex even if your membrane is ruptured and fluid is released from it.
  4. Avoid sex in such a condition where the placenta Previa is lowered.
  5. Avoid sex in the event that your cervix is opened prematurely during pregnancy.
  6. Avoid sex in such a situation even if you don’t want twins, triplets, or other multiples bodies.
  7. If you are pregnant and you have had a miscarriage before, then it would be better to avoid sex.
  8. The most important thing to keep in mind is that if your doctor says no sex during pregnancy, it means that do not perform any kind of sexual activity, it will affect your fetus and may even cause miscarriage.

Does Oral Sex During Pregnancy Harm The Baby?

Many times During Pregnancy Sex Should Be Avoided. couples do not have vaginal sex, then they enjoy oral sex, in such a situation, oral sex can also affect their child.

  1. During oral sex, there is a risk of air blow in the vagina, because the blood cells present in the female private part are already greatly spread during pregnancy. In this case, air embolism can be caused by blowing air into the vagina. This can block blood cells and in some people, it can also cause death.
  2. Oral sex sometimes causes HIV-aids infections that can reach the fetus due to air embolism and may even lead to its death.
  3. Oral sex also poses a risk of diseases like gonorrhea, Chlamydia, etc. which can affect the baby.
  4. Oral sex during pregnancy can easily cause the herpes virus to enter the fetus, which can affect the mental development of the baby and can also cause brain damage and death of the baby.

According to situation many time During Pregnancy Sex Should Be Avoided.

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