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Thai Cucumber Salad Recipe / Peanuts

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Thai Cucumber Salad Recipe / Peanuts


We like to eat some tasty food for me and my family so we learn Thai Cucumber Salad Recipe. This salad is very testy and very easy to make it.

Cucumber is also good for our health so when we prepare recipe of Thai Cucumber Salad is very delicious for us.

We use this salad or party, friends, tiffin box, lunch, dinner. But many people take this dinner Time.

Whose ingredient we drop this salad is very helpful for our body and fitness.

According to our lifestyle we like different types of food so Thai salad is very good for us.

As :-

In my blog these types of salad recipe has been reported by me.

If you  want to make spicy you can make it. But I prepare that this salad is not good spicy. It’s depend on your choice.

Because homemade Thai Salad is also beneficial for our healthy life.     

If you want to enjoy restaurant taste of Cucumber Thai Salad than its depends on your ingredients what you drop in this salad.

Recipes Of Thai Cucumber Salad

This salad is lightly food, refreshing our mind

Preparation time – 15 – 20 minutes

Total time – 15 – 20 minutes

Serving – 5

Ingredients :-

  • 3 large cucumber of English cucumber
  • 3 green onion ( chopped thinly )
  • 1\2 cup roasted peanuts
  • 1\4 fresh juice
  • 1 spoon fish sauce
  • 2 spoon canola
  • 1 spoon sugar
  • 1\2 small red onion ( chopped thinly )
  • Salt as per taste
  • 1\2 cup rice vinegar

Instruction :-

First of all take a small bowl and mix sugar, Rice vinegar, sesame oil salt, and red pepper fakes. Then leave it for some times.

  • Peel and slice the cucumber and keep it a bowl.
  • Chopped the thinly paces of green onion.
  • Chopped the peanuts small pieces.
  • Mixed the sliced of cucumber, dressing, and green onion.

There after keep it refrigerator. Than your Thai Cucumber Salad is ready to serve.

It’s amazing..

How Do You Sweeten Cucumber

In a boil mixed cucumber slice and chili slice.

Mix 1\2 water salt and rice vengar sugar in a bowl and heat is normally when salt has melted.

Now your sweetened cucumber is ready there after four chiles and cucumbers in a bowl.

Nutrition :-

  • Calories – 55.6
  • Total fat – 0.2 gram
  • Fiber – 1.2 gram
  • Sugar 10.9 gram
  • Protein – 1 gram
  • Sodium – 265 mg
  • Potassium – 187 mg
  • Vitamin A – 2 %
  • Vitamin B – 3.5 %
  • Vitamin C – 7.4 %
  • Vitamin E – 0.6 %

And all nutritions are available in this salad.

Why we should not eat cucumber at night?

Cucumber had more water and this is cold fruit so this not good for our health If we eat in night. Because interrupt your sleep. This is enough to fill up bladder and urinate when you sleep.

If you eat this morning then this is good for health or before the dinner approx 10-15 minutes before we eat cucumber without seed because seed has high amount fiber.

This is our authentic Cucumber Thai Salad recipe with rice vinegar.

FAQ :-

Question :- How do I use cucumbers?

Ans :- As we tell about that first of all wash the cucumber and peeled it’s then cut it small peaces.

Question :- How many calories are in a cucumber salad?

Ans :- This Thai salad has 55.6 g calories keep us feet.     

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