Top 10 Most Common Disease

According to worldwide data of “WHO(world health organization)” 2016. The top Top 10 Most Common Disease.

Disease and its problems are not counted worldwide but have we will tell you about the Top 10 Most Common Disease and related problems which also cause the most deaths worldwide.

Ischemic Heart Disease:

When our artery narrows and causes heart problems, it is called ischemic heart disease.

In this disease, the arteries become narrower and unable to carry the proper amount of blood and oxygen to the heart muscle it is also known as coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease. Eventually, it can also cause a heart attack.

According to a comprehensive 2016 health report, in all regions of the world, ischemic heart disease is responsible for 10 million death.


when the blood supply to your brain part is obstructed or reduced, or your brain tissue does not receive oxygen and nutrients the brain cells start dying within minutes, which causes dangerous diseases like stroke. Stroke is emergency medicine, which prompt treatment is important.

Its initial action may reduce brain damage and other complications associated with it. According to the 2016 health report, the rate of people dying of stroke is 5.5 million almost all over the world.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease:

A group of diseases of the progressive lung, most commonly involving diseases such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis, cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD.

In which emphysema gradually destroys the air sac in your lungs, which interferes with the flows of external air. And bronchitis causes mucus, causing inflammation and narrowing of the bronchial tubes. The global burden of disease study 2016 reports a prevalence of 251 million cases of COPD globally.

Lower respiratory infections:

Lower respiratory infection diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, influenza, and whooping cough are major causes of death in children and adults worldwide According to data from the global.

The burden of disease 2015 study, lower respiratory infections were estimated at 2.74 million deaths in 2015. It has become the 5th leading cause of death. In 2016, it become the 4th.

Alzheimer Disease And Other Dementias:

Brain cells degenerate or die due to certain reasons, a condition that exhibits Alzheimer’s disease. This leads to a steady decline in people’s thinking, behavior, and social skills. Which impedes the ability of any person to act independently.

And dementia is a syndrome, not a disease. In which there is a decline in your cognitive function, such as a decreased ability to think. Insanity or dementia also affects your memory, thinking, orientation computing, learning ability, comprehension judgment, and language.

This does not affect consciousness. There is a loss in cognitive function – emotional control, social behavior, or a decline in motivation.

According to the 2018 health report, where Alzheimer’s mortality caused 37.3 deaths per 100000 people. At the same time, due to dementia, about 13.6% was recorded.

Trachea, Bronchus, Lungs Cancers:

Tumors in the trachea and branches can cause breathing problems by blocking the airways. Most tumors that occur in the trachea and bronchi in adults take the form of cancer and also become the cause of lung cancer.

But some tumors may be non-cancerous. But this reason can also cause the death of people. According to the health report 2010, there have been approximately 1.8 million deaths related to the trachea, bronchus, and lung cancer.

Diabetes Mellitus:

When the insulin hormone in our body cannot transport glucose to the cells or our body cannot use insulin. We call this condition diabetes mellitus or sugar diabetes. Glucose reaches our body cells and provides energy.

Sometimes diabetes mellitus also becomes the cause of death. According to a health report in 2016, an estimated 1.6 million deaths are directly caused by diabetes mellitus.

Road Injury:

Road injury is an accident that comes to you without any massage. We often use vehicles for traffic. But unfortunately, we sometimes suffer from road accidents and injuries caused by our own causes and sometimes due to someone else’s fault.

This is possible only when two vehicles collide, road conditions deteriorate. Many such incidents happen every day, in which a person loses his life. According to a report, about 1.35 million people die every year as a result of road traffic accidents.


A variety of bacteria, viral and parasitic organisms, in addition to contaminated food, contaminated drinking water, or a disease that spreads as a result of poor hygiene from one person to another, especially in children under 5 or younger, dehydration, causes diarrhea, etc. we call it diarrhea disease. According to a WHO report, approximately 525000 children die of diarrhea each year.


Tuberculosis (TB) is a contagious infection that usually attacks your lungs. Apart from your brain and spine, it can also spread to other parts of your body.

It is caused by a type of bacteria called mycobacterium Tuberculosis. In 2019, a total of 1.4 million people died from T.B globally, according to a WHO report. Apart from these diseases, there are many other diseases, which become the cause of death of people every year.

This includes diseases such as the “Coronavirus disease” (“Covid 19”), which sometimes comes in the form of epidemics and causes millions of deaths.

These are the Top 10 Most Common Disease worldwide Due to which the death rate is increasing every year

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